Sunday, November 20, 2011

*a lil' bit of everything in-store! huge collection :)*

Personally don't own one, but spotted on the streets looking ridiculously hippie-good with espadrilles, chunky accessories and a vintage sling. 
Sinfully comfortable palazzo pants -- 
The softest chiffon lined in quirky prints. ;)
Check 'em magical mushrooms in a cloudy grey backdrop, 
Or full blown teeny florals!
RM 64.90
Sunburst tangerine shade for a colourblock contrast! 
Cropped tops are of course my cravings -- 
Overall light accordian pleat texturing effect with cute Peter Pan collars to boot and buttons down front, 
Double layered with a squiggly flared trim. :) 
Teeny tiny multicoloured dots sparsely sprinkled to liven things up. ;D
RM 53.90 

A definite favourite with your ol' pair of shorts. 
And for a healthy high street fashion dosage -- 
Slightly oversized waist length rose print baby tee. 
Regular round neck and exposed back zipper.
RM 49.90

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