Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's the lil' details that make a difference. ;) goes well with skin-tight regular jeans for a girl-next-door charm. 
Gorgeous simplicity. 
Cuffed oversized sleeves, and such gentle pleatings on both sides for a waterfall-drape effect.
Particularly like the back slit. ;)
Semi-sheer chiffon. 
RM 42
Matched with neon-yellow pumps for a daring statement. 
Playing 'round with pin-up retro. ;D 
Sleeveless scallop trim cropped top in itsy bitsy ribbon prints! 
Cut-out ribbon back. 
Thick polyester.
RM 36

And we've got the Topshop inspired blouses 'ere. :) 
Gotta be one of the cheapest at RM 38


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