Monday, December 19, 2011


Rule of the game: Plain fitted tank and you may go slightly heavy on the accessories. ;) 
Eeep! The famed galaxy maxi skirt. 
Love every touch; every stunning detail.
It's a showstopper.
Sizes S and M available.
RM 68
*palazzo pants in-store as well*

And hey look -- top variation. :D 
Made famous by Christopher Kane btw. 
Light-weight and non sheer chiffon. 
RM 49 *midi lace skirt going for RM 54*

Another icon --
Chain print blouse.
Love its seductive sheerness. ;)
Tie-knot version for a slightly messier-after-work charm. 
RM 44
Clothes for Fun

Pairs well with micro shorts or bodycon mini's to tone down the sultry. With converse sneakers for an Avril Lavigne punk twist. 
A must-have for most of us girls. :)
Truly comfy, winter/autumn chic, and deliciously versatile --
The loose knit gathered sweater with its majesty butterfly sleeves.
We wuv cocoon tops! 
RM 50 
Subtle sunburst hues to tame 'em ruby tones. 
Slightly different from your usual mini's --
Comfy knitted cotton material. :)
Like the colours too! 
RM 45


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