Sunday, December 4, 2011

An alternative to 'em skin tight mini dresses -- these are more of my type of thing too. :) 
Flirtatiously girlish. ;D
Brings a genuine smile in the prettiest pastel colours and effortless swing. 
V-cut and full circle skirt, 
With added pleats for contrasting textures. 
Self-tie ribbons on both sides ensure optimum fit. 
RM 63
Great thing about 'em is they don't look too awkward like leggings when worn with waist blouses. 
Structured jeggings like these are a steal!
Looks much ala corporate pants -- 
Only a lot sleeker with a tighter fit catered for high profile power lunches as well. ;p 
Thick stretchable cotton, available in other shades and sizes.
RM 49 *pussybow blouse going for RM 53*

Versatile of course. Can't go wrong with. :) 
Another pussybow blouse -- 
Loving the ruffles to this one. :D
RM 38

And for good measure: 
Two variations of highwaisted pencil skirts. 
One exceedingly high and reaching modestly to the knees;
The other with a dash of sex appeal with its side front slit. 
RM 46 / RM 50 


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