Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Zone Collection
*have read their T&C, unsure if it's pure wholesale or buyers may still purchase individually, do double check*

This (wholesale?) shop is simply a must-highlight. 
All your usual Taiwan-imported catalogue BUT exceedingly cheap prices --
especially with their year end sale!

Think prices from RM 10, nothing above RM 50. even for bags. 

Envie Me

It's all the cotton maxi's you could ever find! 
Standard smocked back and full length till the ankles. :) 
From florals; to tie-dyes; to colour blocks and with bits of ruffles thrown in. 

Affordable at below RM 45 ish 

Whilst you can be sure all your CNY needs are taken of by Emcee Couture! 
Customizable, of course. ;) 
*psst* they've got spanking new and pretty arrivals as well. 

Affordable price range as per the usual


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