Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gorgeous tops, babes! 
Leopard print top with cap sleeves of smooth polyester mix / RM 44
Beautiful fit pleated corset tube with front lace panel / RM 49
Embroidered loose tunic / RM 43
Festive colourblock striped in peach and black / RM 44
And those red hawt pants as well ;) / RM 47

And not forgetting the dresses -- 
Futuristic with 'em cape and peaked shoulders / RM 49
Boho gypsy mini dress with crochet overlay / RM 59

*do visit in-store for more and a handful of cropped tops!*

Girlishly sexy without 'em too bold sultry-ness. 
Quite the unusual bodycon. :)
One piece with a corset styled upper bustier in dainty floral prints;
And fitted mini skirt.
Florals are still going strong for 2012! Time to switch out of 'em colour blocks/ ;) 
RM 49

A twist to your usual Cinderella dresses. 
Induced with a hint of romanticism with a layer of lace panel at the waist. ;)
Crossback and made from stretchy lycra.
RM 49 

Truly versatile in that it can be easily dressed up or down with different themed accessories and shoes for just the right balance. :) 
*wolf whistles* 
You know a great cutting when you see one. ;) 
Sleeveless roundneck skater girl dress which hugs beautifully from bust downwards,
Flaring oh-so-gently around the hips.
A length just right mid-thighs. ;D
RM 49 

A floral delicacy. :) 
Chic tunic top with cuffed sleeves --
Lightweight and sprinkled in vintage mini florals.
RM 59 

And last but not least -- 
Flowy staples! 
Your pick of a luxe straight length maxi or arabic palazzo pants. ;)
RM 59 / RM 69

See these Supre bodycons? 'nuff said at the price tag. ;)
RM 49 


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