Sunday, December 4, 2011

Product Review: Convertible Dress

So, I'm sure we've all seen/heard about the much popularized Convertible Dress. 
And like me, probably daunted. Too complicated to invest in? 
Those were my initial thoughts anyway, but...

BOY. Was I proven wrong. ;P 

Completely LOVE it. 
The quality soft and oh-so-smooth lycra hugs and flatters 'em curves,
while its differing styles are super easy to follow, 
Quite simply, it's THE bodycon piece to have. 

My pet peeves: 
1. Back probably too exposed unless you like it backless. However, a simple boob tube does the trick.
2. The ribbon can get a wee bit too long. I find a knot works better to the side. :) 

First off, a clear pic of the dress. Natural sunlight. hugs, eh? ;p 
Two top favourite styles: Thick halter neck and Grecian toga.
Twisted halter neck and tube design.  
And conventional cuts: Standard plunging V-neck and kimono sleeve.

Last advice, DON'T think it's complicated to NOT get it. Much recommended for its fab cutting and absolute versatility. 
It's not. :) In fact, I'm thinking of getting another colour. ;D 

More variations in-store. 


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