Thursday, January 26, 2012

Business as Usual

Lovely pieces like this don't go unnoticed. ;) Demure from the front, 'whams' you from the back. 
Exotic nordic patterned prints on light chiffon, 
Plunging V-back for that smexy twist. ;D 
and hidden side zipper for a smooth finish. 
RM 50

We all love the candy-striped cardi. :)
Warm and cuddly with nautical reviera overtones in grey and pink with milk white. 
Knit cotton. 
RM 44

Pretty good browsing through :) 
More of 'em summer tops ala British India or Peter Pan collars. 

Affordable price range 

Love the mix of boho with other elements -- whether it's exotic, classy, or a lil' edgy. 
More unique feathered earrings. :) 
In varying shades of punk bright blue, midnight blue with gold embellishing, and in gothic black with strips of glitter. 
RM 12 - RM 15
Go gold with bits of sparkle and sequins. 
This is one killer LBD, alright. 
Classic mesh upper bodice combined with an oh-so-enticing paneled bondage back design.
Thick straps and cut-outs certainly make a show. ;) 
Bodycon fit. 
RM 57 
Bib necklaces look especially good with these simple blouses for night-time casual glamour. 
Sheer chiffon blouse with voluminous blouson sleeves. 
Nice length of mid waist - hips. :) 
Lil' details include a slight batwing cut and subtle shoulder pleats. 
Lovely shade of burnt auburn too.
RM 43
And last but not least -- 
Zara inspired printed tunic blouse. 
With cute pigeon prints.
RM 43

Indeed it's not hard at all to make a visual impact with glossy pumps and matching tanks or blouses. 
Short and sweet with plenty of girly-oomph. :) 
Semi highwaist skater skorts in deep ruby shades of cerulean blue, mustard yellow, and rich caramel brown. 
Generous pleats for slimmer, taller legs ; with inner lining skorts. 
RM 49
Metallic accents for a more modern-chic vibe; or pearl jewelry to keep it classy ol' school.
Bringing back the 50's with this darling knit polka dot swing dress. :D 
Regular round neck and strapless, 
Flirtatiously flared mid-thigh skirt.
Two shades as above. 
RM 49

Exuding vibes of Cleopetra with the heavily embroidered neckline -- 
This cropped top adds an edge to our usual pastel chiffon ones ;) 
Loose open sleeves and self-tie front.
Stated of lycra. 
RM 35 

Wear 'em loud and chic with skinnies and a tailored blazer thrown over. And your highest heels. ;) 
Oversized draped singlets. 
Elongated armholes and plunging scoop neckline; 
Heavy differing hem lengths.
Two prints as above. 
RM 32

And speaking of poppin' blazers. ;D 
Pinstriped lining; anchor single button. 
In blue only. 
RM 55

More diva ; less vintage from our usual sling bags. ;) 
Quirky love!
Oversized coin-purse-sling-pouch combo in silver metal buckle and chain. 
Splattered random white diamante embellishments on the exterior. :)
Most likely of PU leather.  
RM 30 


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