Monday, January 16, 2012

Greeen Bananas

Back after a hiatus! Recommended looksee in-store. :) 
Solid favourites, very affordable pricing.

RM 29 - RM 52

Cocktails and Martini

A stunning piece that'll go great whether with pencil skirts or for a semi-formal attire with minimalist shorts. 
An office blouse that'll set the standard for the rest of the office. ;) 
Beautiful detailing from its fuss-free mandarin collar, gently peaked shoulders and mermaid squiggle pleated ruffled front. 
Further cuffed and backed with a flattering tunic cut all-over.
Sheer chiffon; other colours available. 
RM 53 *psst: jersey pants going for RM 59*

They do tend to come off slightly formal, but the right accessorizes, shoes and simple tank will tone it down a notch for a more casual occasion. 
I don't know about you but these fishtail-hem skirts ala Supre are top of my list this year. ;D 
Demure with its light and airy feel, yet exuding an edgy-chic edge. 
You couldn't find a better combination of elements. ;) 
Polyester mix with hidden back zipper.
RM 59

And don't miss out on these short mini dresses we couldn't live without. 
RM 63 / RM 58 

A victorian-esque twist to our usual peter pan collars. 
Sheer chiffon sleeveless blouse with lovely laced and snowflake-stained-glass-like neckline detailing. :)
Cropped inner lining for a peek-a-boo of the waist ;
Loose, most likely hip length. 
In three shades as above.  
RM 36

Bold mod dress in heart-racing combination of colours - fire brick, red and white / RM 46
Cutesey bow belt! / RM 20

A quick highlight on this Supre bodycon piece. 
Cap sleeves and scoop neck; 
Frequency wave print with lil' rainbow stripes. :)
RM 49 


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