Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wonder Wear

A semi thick waist belt would look best -- with detailed hardware for a stronger pop attention. 
Modern and unconventionally futuristic-chic, 
This playsuit is far from being playful. ;D 
Exuding a cool and sleek vibe inherent in its seamless cut and edged sleeves.
Available in block ruby shades to suit. 
RM 55

Much like those you find in Zara, only so much more affordable 'ere. :D 
A couple of quirky print loose blouses also available in-store. 
From vintage polka dots to swimming fishies and arched cats. ;)
Fun to mix and match with high voltage of quirkiness! 
Cool polyester. 
RM 39 

Creme Fraiche

Available in sizes S and M for that perfect cut. 
Prim and proper with a preppy Peter Pan twist. 
Bodycon tight fit, and cheeky details as seen above. ;) 
Matching cloth buttons with slight tiering effect at the bodice, 
Exposed circular back with hidden side zipper.
RM 48

It's all glitz and glam from here. 
Temperature soaring is right. ;D 
Firmly ruched tube dress that's oh-so-scandalous!
Padded bandeau bust tied with a ribbon front. 
Sunburst orange makes a great entrance. 
RM 43


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