Sunday, January 1, 2012

*psst: invisible bras also available in-store at RM 55*

The epitome of a woman's beauty perhaps -- it's been worn since centuries ago!
Rawr. Corsets. ;D
Gotta love 'em. 
Black satin with fish hook back from Topshop ; UK 6
Boned denim corset ; Size S. 
RM 60 / RM 35

Supre ready stock: RM 105  / RM 49 

Top version of Attires' Attic bodycon laced dress. 
Exposed back circular cut-out. 
All mesh, lace and satin goodness. ;) 
RM 47 

A colourblock alternative. 
Sweet and simple without overdoing it. :)
Thick cotton spandex. 
RM 40

The au naturel skater girl dress! 
Fit and cut well displayed here. ;)
Uber flattering. 
RM 47

Now this we haven't seen. ;p Very Matrix like. A more casual-mysterious allure compared to trench coats. 
A quickie highlight --
MAXI cardigan. ;D
Long sleeves, ankle length and silk transparent back.
what do you girls think? :) 
RM 45


Thank you dear diary addictions for our review!
its much appreciated and have a happy new year

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