Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's an instant innocent charm. 
Mickey Mouse pullover. :D 
Jailbird striped in two shades as above for added funk. 
Cool and relaxed fit. :) 
Sheer knit cotton.
RM 48 
We need a couple of these to match with 'em extravagant bottoms and statement blazers. 
All-basic singlet.
Laidback and casual, great for layering as well. :) 
Has just that slight tunic flare. 
RM 29 
Love love love the colours! Sunburst yellow and emerald green. 
Last but not least --
Itsy bitsy heart print bodycon skirt as seen in Clothes for Fun
Quality knit material. 
RM 39

The cream beige shade is especially drool-worthy as well. ;) 
If you're a collector of casual blouses, this makes a good addition to your collection :) 
Long sleeved and tantalizingly sheer with buttoned cuffs,
Careful peek-a-boo slits over the shoulders and at the back as seen above.
Flowy and long in length. 
RM 48
For layering purposes -- full length tubes or half tubes. Emphasize a boho vibe with clogs or wedges and plenty of bangles. 
Crochet tank. 
Meticulous geometrical pattern detailing that's worth to note. :) 
Loose shoulder drapes.
RM 38


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