Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Quite unlike all the highwaist shorts we have, this here is a keeper for daytime glamour or a night time rendezvous. 
Chanel inspired. 
Personally have been searching for such a pair -- 
Gorgeously chic with its light tweed and minimalist contrasting trims, 
Exudes lil' confetti-like sparkles. 
Fits UK 6 - UK 8. 
RM 59.90

Dalmation halter-collared blouse in nude pink / RM 55
Flat highwaist block coloured shorts / RM 47

Adds an oomph to otherwise plain tanks and denim shorts combo. ;) 
And last but not least --
Leopard print loafers. 
'nuff said. 
RM 60


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