Thursday, February 23, 2012

stunning. like a mermaid. 
Absolutely divine! 
Aptly named Aquarious, it does evoke a serene water element with its fluid drapes and seductive mix of chiffon and satin. 
Strapless bustier cutting with one-sided bodice encrusted in bejewelled rhinestones. :)
Definitely one-of-a-kind. 
Passes of as not being too formal thanks to its pastel shades --see more in-store.  
RM 63

And for working peeps --
Lovely modest cutting with emphasis on pleated details. 
Girlish shoulder straps gives this a softer edge. 
Quality thick mixed polyester material.
Most likely best fit a UK 8. 
RM 55

Flaunt 'em dominatrix booties or give demure chiffon blouses an added edge. 
As popularized by Pumpkin -- 
The edgy and kick-ass leopard print cardi with pyramid studded embellishments. ;) 
Loving the attitude! 
Comfortable cotton that won't have you sweating in the sun. 
RM 39 

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