Sunday, February 26, 2012

December 32

Good ol' favourites you may have missed previously. :) 
Layered V-neck bodycon ; 
soft cotton blouses and midi maxi's. 
Affordably priced

Pink Gincu

With a short mini dress underneath and barbie heels. ;) 
Long white blazer.
Uber preppy with its contrasting bold black buttons and trimmings. ;)
Size S - fits UK 4 - 6.
RM 70 

A unique collection of cropped tops. :)
An edgy, more grungy type designs. 
Of differing cuts and sizes -- some with sleeves, some without, some more heavily pleated, others straight cut. 
RM 33

Also see casual dresses and blouses in-store : 

As with most cropped tops, paired with highwaist bottoms -- only this will show just the slightest hint of skin in between. ;D 
3-quarter beach girl cropped top in smexy white. ;) 
Roll up 'em sleeves for a more rugged look. 
RM 35 

Graphic print batman teeee!
Lurve. anything. superhero.
RM 39 *currently sold out, unsure if restockable. but they do have a similar tribal print design*

High-waisted pop coloured slacks for the punk rebels. ;)
Quality thick cotton with side pockets.
Size M. Belt inclusive of purchase. 
RM 70 *psst: crisp white anchor print collared tee going for RM 50*


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