Sunday, February 5, 2012

Show off 'em long legs with sky high heels or if you're uncomfortable with showing too much skin, throw on a chic blazer. 
With our extremely hot weather -- both day and night, it's always handy to have a few jumpsuits around! 
Here's one that's more dressy than the usual. 
Flattering tube design with peplum layers weighing just above the hemline.
Looks slightly loose at the waist, hence a waist belt would be good. :) 
Two pastel shades as above.
RM 49
Best thing about slouchy batwing sleeves is adding a chic and cool vibe to sexy tight-fit bodycons. ;p 
A basic batwing piece. 
Comfortable oversized, high round neck, and waist length / RM 39 
Embroidered bodycon skirt in geometric lines -- blues reds and white stripes. 
Thick wool/knitted cotton. 
RM 45 

Drawing a feminine take on these playful rompers with 'em shoulder design. It's gotta be glamorous so don't skip out on the shoes and accented accessories. 
Another romper for a night out -- 
Featuring a structured A-line cut that rests comfortable over the thigh area, 
V-neckline and soft chiffon ruffles at the shoulders. :) 
Polyester mix. 
RM 59

Definitely a keeper. An instant perky-cute addition to a basic dress. 
I don't often feature cinchers as I  figure they all look the same after awhile, not to mention am in a mood for more of the skinny bels lately --
Nevertheless, this is SUPER cute. ;D 
Exuding hints of flirtatious Miu Miu with its big bow and classy metal sides.
PU leather for the bow. 
RM 29 

Simple cuts do indeed make a dramatic statement when paired with strong bib necklaces and an equally attention-arresting clutch. 
Wholly classy. 
A sweeping long sleeved dress maxi that's uber flowy. 
Tunic pleats give accent to the bodice area, 
Falls straight all the way down with just a slight flare.  
RM 75

Go along with the romantic aura with sweeping long locks, toned-down accessories and a simple top. 
Such delicate lurve. (: 
A breath of whimsical fresh air from our usual colourblock maxi skirts lately --
Here's a soft polka dot printed chiffon piece that's fully lined. 
Two lovely shades of peach and ruby red. 
RM 69

Also see their firm basics: 

One of those pieces you just can't go wrong with. 
The t-shirt dress. :D 
It's comfy, slightly sexy, and very much girl-next-door.
RM 39 

A quick highlight on Supre casual tops --
Versatile, practical, affordable. :)
Most are ready stock.
RM 44 / RM 49 / RM 64

Newbie in town! 
More Supre ready stock here. 
Mostly basics. 
RM 21 - RM 48

*updated with the usual round of dresses as well*

Uber flattering for the womanly figure. ;) 
A more unusual take on our usual chiffon tops --
ASOS inspired side-exposed egyptian neckline with teardrop back closure. 
Has a natural flow.
Inner half-length lining. 
RM 40


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