Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Hey Hey Hey

of chunky aztec necklaces;
and demure pearl clustered faux collars.

Priced affordable at RM 25 - RM 35

The Survival Store

Checkkit all these cropped tanks and tees! 
We've got 'em ranging from hard-rocking biker chic,
To frivolous quirky graphics,
And some diva ones too. ;) 
RM 29 for one / RM 50 for two 

Grace Twenty

Makes an excellent personal gift to girlfriends. 
Handcrafted pretty jewelry pieces slightly similar to Crafted by Mei's. 
Customizable pieces ; gorgeous array of beads to choose from!
Of particular uniqueness is the hippie braided bangle with leather-ish strips and charms thrown in. ;)
Send in your orders today. 
Affordable price range 

Whee~ feathered earrings!
Our very own exclusive blogshop who handmakes these hippie styles. ;)
Some are available for remakes. 
RM 30-ish

And more feathered pieces available here.
Extra long earrings. :)
Coloured pieces. 
RM 20

Stunning yet simplistic ; matches with most bottoms but paired best with black to truly bring out the colour. 
A fresh new take on lace. 
Bold yet feminine with the pop-coloured inner satin lining and mesh netting overlay. 
Personally love this stained glass effect. ;)
Two designs as above -- in swirly paisley leaves or Victorian motif. 
RM 49 
An Aztec recreation with long bronze pendant necklaces and hefty tribal bangles. 
We've probably seen this cropped top before, just can't remember where =/ 
Missoni inspired tribal pattern print in pastel hues in purplish pink. 
Upturned folded sleeves and gold back zipper detailing.
RM 49 

And last but not least,
A total date dress! :D 
Flirtatious retro falir and flattering cut; 
Optimum fit with its self-tie back ribbon. 
RM 53

Shine like a modern-day Goddess in daylight or a seductive diva by night. ;) 
A lil' sparkle and a lil' glamour certainly goes a long way. ;D
We're in the mood for all things glittery today and this casual top seals the deal. 
Laidback and loose fit, with peaked and slightly strong folded shoulders, 
Exposed back zipper.
RM 42 / restockable

Looks slightly stuffy when all buttons are buttoned; leave the top unbuttoned for a more relaxed look. 
Cropped denim boyfriend tee. 
In faded blue-grey gingham.
Basic collar with five snap button closure and stitched down cuffs.
Certainly carrying a Western style Yorkshire charm. ;) 
RM 49 

Keep the shoes understated and tone down on the makeup. Neutral coloured pumps or Mary Janes are the way to go. ;) 
This certainly calls for a glamorous night out. ;D 
Your usual Peter Pan cropped top now treated with a full-sequined collar. 
The maroon-black combo is particularly stunning. ;) / RM 45
Whilst the Topshop inspired full-sequin micro shorts is totally red carper worthy. / RM 59
Both restockable 

Moving away from Peter Pan for a cheekier alternative. ;) 
Eeep! So cute. :) 
French-riviera styled with hints of Vivi quirkiness. 
Sleeveless collared blouse with a criss-cross ribbon detail.
Two shades as above. 
RM 45

Also updated with :

Love this chic-modesty. A champagne cinch really classes it up. :)
We're going big on prints without looking tacky. ;)
A monochrome classic in sundial/fireworks inspired prints.
Lovely fully-covered modest cutting with just slightly puffed sleeves for that office cham. 
Gathered slightly at the bodice for a fuller bust. 
RM 55
Gloss it up with chunky bib necklaces and stiletto heels. 
An exceptional looking pantsuit. 
Sophisticated and elegant in today's modern 21st century. 
Toga styled with sash; 
Enhances the silhouette with just the right amount of flowy put in. 
RM 63

A weekend update skewed towards a more formal approach --
Think longer skirt lengths; 
and a lil' less skin exposure. ;) 
Affordable price range 

And for those of us who can afford it --
Genuine Herve Leger iconic bandage dresses.
Absolutely gorgeous to the core. 

Some ready stock / RM 300 - RM 400  

Or opt for a more affordable range of :
H&M, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins and Rare. 
As per below; more in-store! 


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