Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's been an exhausting weekend with Markets over the weekend!
Plenty of lovely vintage finds amongst pretty accessories. :) 

Here's today's round of updates if your wallet hasn't broke yet ;p 

Some of 'em are really creative! We not-so-creative babes could easily take inspiration both for gifts and personal wear. :) 
It's certainly been quite awhile since we've caught up with this ingenius jewelry crafter -- 
Updated with a gorgeous array of customized and ready-made bracelets. :)
From the punk-princess-rock in a hefty load of bronze charms,
To Flinstones classy in irregular-shaped milk pebbles,
And simply girly with a cabochon and butterfly charm.
Price range from RM 19

Skinny belt the waist if you're not a fan of garters showing; and load up on the tribal bangles for a dose of exotic edge. 
Whimsical prints were all the rage in the runways! 
From fruits, vegetables and a host of animals printed frocks -- 
Take cue with this subtle yet oh-so-cute birdy print dress. 
Beige-pink background with vividly coloured bird prints blending in perfectly. 
Cap sleeves, stretchable at the waist with a fun pleated flare. 
RM 66 

Material of tweed goodness. 
Positively breathtaking. 
It's a fusion of starstruck glam whilst at the heart being femininely demure. 
Structured fitted upper half with a slight poofy skirt; 
Such dazzling attached sequined collar. ;)
RM 72

Add some class and keep the attention on the dress with minimal accessorizing; finish the look with discreet pumps. 
A retro revival!
Sinfully good ol' bold polka dots fashioned in a more modern skater girl cutting --
Long sleeved with peaked shoulders and a cut-out back. 
Flirtatiously short length at just above mid-thigh length. ;) 
Light weight.
RM 65

Also see these regular tunics:

When spaghetti tops and too-tight or too-loose tunics get a lil' bit boring, this injects a feel good feminine vibe. 
Indeed, this is simply romantic!
The prettiest tunic top featuring crochet, subtle speckled body and ribbon detailing. 
Easy empire cut made to flatter any body shape,
Available in sweet pastel hues. :) 
RM 59 
Worn as a dress for night time rendezvous, or tucked in with matching shorts for daytime high tea. 
A beautiful ombre effect added to already-chic blouson sleeves and extra flowy movement. 
Falls in mini pleats that's slightly on the shorter side, 
Such delicate ombre hues that pull together an elegant mood.
RM 59

Cutting of this shorts is simply fab! 
Love the whole hip-enhancing/waist-slimming silhouette and bootylicious effect;
Not to mention evoking a serene sunny day and picnics under the warm blue sky tone. ;) 
Functional buttons and back pockets.  
Available in sizes S, M, L.
RM 59

A boho tinge injected into your regular blouses -- 
Lantern sleeved with oversized cuffs and slight puffed shoulders; 
Lovely vertical pleats and fern-detailing. :)
Two shades above, with the orange making quite a pop. ;)
RM 55

The laidback boyfriend tee--
All-basic and minimalist. :) 
In pinkish-purple and dark moss green.
RM 55

As always, cutting-edge design and good quality at a fraction of the price. ;) 
I don't know about you but March seems to be the month of birthdays!
Here's around of sizzling Asos inspired bodycon pieces in preparation for all 'em celebrations. ;) 
You'll certainly be turning the temperature up a notch. 
psst. In particular, the version of the scallop trimmed dress is most flattering thus far from what we've seen. ;D 
Usual price range for this range

Always a big fan of their update for their diverse range of clothings anddd affordable price range. However keep missing their update :( so stocks are running low!
I say go stalk them if you're free. ;) 

As below, we've got a couple of knitwear; 
Embroidered cropped tops;
And serene blossom print dresses and tops. 

Nonchalantly sexy. cropped length serves to be worn either with highwaists or hip-length denim shorts for a slight show of the waist. ;) 
And moving on to slouchy tops for that chic factor. (: 
Loosely oversized and falling in generous flattering pleats; 
Full laced sheer back as above.
Stated available in a light purple and light grey shade. 
RM 32

And another one right 'ere -- 
Pretty similar to that in Mango Orangie. :) 
Pocket front; knit material.
RM 40 

Lil' add-ons that deserve some recognition : 
Navajo pocahantas backpack featuring a unique matching bead closure and tassel-loves!
Geometric trapeze shaped shoulder bag in the sweetest shade of celeste blue /
Textured and matte rectangular snake skin clutch. Seductive exoticness. ;)
Price unstated


Do u still sell the floral shorts? Does L fits UK10? What about the blue fade off blouson?

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