Tuesday, March 13, 2012

my personal mantra: "keep calm and wear your BitchFace." 
An exclusive range of FabulousiTees!
Missed the first batch - -but this second batch looks even more awesome. ;) 
A basic skinny tank cut with flattering scoop neck, plunging, and loose fit. 
Girlish graphic statements lend a diva touch to regular singlet tees. 
RM 39 

Would pair this with a skinny belt to tighten the waist as well as dressed up with sleek metal accessories. ;) 
Not quite a babydoll, yet not quite a flippy dress either -- 
Strong padded shoulders giving a futuristic vibe whilst it's flowy pleated bottom balances things out just nice. 
Unique glittery textured material for a glam night out. ;) 
Also available in metallic black.
Price unstated

Anything not sleeveless is uncommon in cropped tops! Here's one with a demure sailorette edge. 
A sinful summer attraction. ;D 
High wide neckline with delicate slits up the sleeves; 
Cropped in length just above the navel -- rests nicely thanks to its rubberized hem.
Also available in black white and beige polka dots. 
Price unstated

Cue Hutz Fashion with another massive update! Recommended. :)
A pretty collection of bodycon dresses amongst others, 
Tunic blouses and cropped tops. 
Affordable price range 

JR La Bellee

Finally caught their update. :D 
stocks still available! 
Such lovely knitwear-- with added spunk, new detailing, and colour blocking. :) 
Affordable price range


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