Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Want Bags

Mmmm. Longchamps. 
Yeah, everyone says it's common but it's incredibly practical and versatile that it doesn't really matter if it's common. :p 
Here the limited edition Eiffel Tower in a rare hot red shade. 
RM 540


There's a lil' bit of everything thrown in for this update!
From aztec maxi dresses to provocative blouses;
Some glitter and knit thrown in for good measure.

Affordable pricing

Sleek blouses with 'em sequins; closed toe pumps and metal-chain sling clutch. 
*drools* leather paneled highwaist shorts. 
My latest love. 
Gorgeously contemporary and modern with a futuristic kick.
The duo toned design exhibits highstreet fashion. 
Quality thick cotton (well, not leather, but almost there)
RM 44

*brand new .com launched ;)*

Light pleats below the neckline flatters the bodice. ;) 
Ooh. I'm sure we're all quite familiar with the sequined collar blouse. ;) 
Personally love the extraa glam this brings to ordinary chiffon blouses. 
'em pastel ones are getting a tad boring. :p 
Here in gorgeous jewel toned shades of deep maroon and navy blue.
RM 58 *imported*
*recommended looksee in-store for casual lbd's and maxi skirts*

with mary jane pumps for a chic preppy appeal. 
Featuring the fishtail romper dress. ;) 
Casual sweetheart tube styled, with a long flowy hemline and discreet romper shorts. 
Quality chiffon in powder pink. 
Definitely unique. 
RM 59 

Such minimalism. :) 
Crinkled PU leather envelope designed exterior with steel push-button closure.
Light blue lined edges. 
RM 39 *psst: eyelet sundress going for RM 55


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