Monday, March 26, 2012

I Wear Sin

A new update featuring all things of an earth-tale princess. ;) 
Think exotic browns and light beige;
of textured lace and delicate chiffon pleats as well as a round of back to basics! 

*psst: they're introducing a customization service as well. handsewn to suit exactly what you want and need. see more in-store* 

Phat Culture

Flattering tunic cut, most likely an inner tube is a must. 
Before you go "that's just another blouse..." -- 
This piece is simply exquisite! 
Gorgeously sheer sporting an intricate cut-out neckline in a faint leafy motif. 
Lightweight with an earthy air. 
RM 47
Gold accents lend an elegant touch. 
Yet another must-have for palazzo-fans. ;) 
Stylish suspender straps with V-back, 
Subtle wide leg and fluid finish.
Available in navy blue, burnt orange and black. 
RM 57


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