Sunday, April 8, 2012

Introducing exclusive customization service from I Wear Sin
Add a lil' sugar and spice to make your piece exactly how you want it. ;)

3 winners stand a chance to win their customized dress!
Read on to find out more. 

Just as it says, I Wear Sin introduces an easy module for us to pick-and-choose from an array of clothings and further add-on a choice of embellishements. :) 

Here's my finished creation!

Chose a demure date dress -- versatile and lighthearted in a neutral beige shade. Will be wearing the plunging neckline at the back instead for a sexy twist. ;) backless, baby!
Opted for minimal details as I like the simplicity to it, and would rather not add embellishments to the waistline as I'd want to cinch it with a gold toned skinny belt. 
Included roses to the back for a quirky touch and floral appliques to the shoulders for a slight girly appeal. Chose the black-net mesh rose design to add some edge. 

And now's your turn:  
Step 1: Choose your clothing (more choices available in-store; see also gallery for inspiration)

Step 2: Start customizing! Drag and drop as you please. 360 degree view covers every angle

360 degree view and choice of embellishments -- from petite ribbons,
to floral appliques and red roses,
quirky buttons and dysfunctional zippers. 

And for them to be able to choose the winner, submit this to the community! 
Name your creation -- share on FB -- TAG I Wear Sin. ;) 

Be sure to create an account (won't take more than two minutes) to be able to share. FB Page:

And that's all. ;D 
I had fun dolling up my creation and i'm sure you'll do. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be one of the 3 winners to get your customized dress for FREE! Head on over to I Wear Sin and start designing. 


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