Monday, April 30, 2012

Every so often, I just love dropping by Soak Republic and soaking in their vast and extravagant collection of accessories.
From majestic, Cleopetra-worthy chunky necklaces, to bejewelled pieces and funfair coloured enamel rings -- they have EVERYTHING covered. :)

Affordable price range

Another one of their massive updates!
Lots of blouses -- whether they'd be slightly formal, tinged with lace, of slouchy coolness or Peter Pan preppiness. :) 
See more in-store. 

Affordable price range 

Very much deserving of a highlight as well. :)
I pretty much liked it all. 
Metal tips; sequined collar; laser cutout highwaist shorts; demure dresses;
fishtail seduction. 

You'd be a definite standout from the crowd. 
this is just awesome. looks uber designer inspired.
RM 65

Sweet and cheeky. 
I'm sure we all miss this!
So practical, versatile -- basically a no-brainer, yet totally flattering. ;)
Basic print bodycon tank dress.
Also, perfect for our extremely oven-baked weather now. 
RM 39

Just like we see 'em in Forever 21 --
Vintage print white long sleeve shirt. 
Indeed, perfect lazy tops to lounge around on a hot afternoon.
Exposed back zipper which unzips all the way. ;)
RM 45

Looks very MNG-ish. at a fraction of the price. ;) 
Whilst we may have tons of highwaist shorts, 
Never forget your basics! 
As featured -- lovely minimalist design with the tarnished chrome tri-buttons and hot pants length. 
Rests nicely on the hips to show off a lil' bit of waist when paired with cropped tops. ;)
Sizes S and M available.
RM 44

Cocktail dress for a special night out. ;) 
We've got the sequin peter pan collar in gold; 
Layered pleated satin ala Lanvin,
And complete with a sassy short length and ruffled edges.
Also in champaigne and pink-beige. 
RM 54

One for everyday of the week~
Such awesome candy colours. ;) 
This is pure bodycon summer goodness.
Comfy cotton with hidden side zipper.
RM 35

Futuristic-looking long sleeved top. 
Bold contrast piping gives the illusion of structure and dimensions. ;) 
No doubt flattering as well!
Stretchy fitted cotton. 
RM 35

Smexy. Love it. 
Now why does this look sexier than the rest? ;D 
Extremely dipped cut with chic flair;
Mini cut length at the front -- resting just above mid thigh.
RM 57 
Modern elegance with hints of a forgotten era. 
Taking references from origami pop-art, 
Emulate a modern interpretation of the victorian-esque era. 
With strong graphic panels and intricate floral motif; 
It's quite the stunner!
Fits UK 4 - UK 6.
RM 57

Finished in bold shades for the adventurous. ;)
Ooh! I find this really pwetttyy.  
Slightly vintage and ol' fashioned with a hint of oddity to it. 
Audrey Hepburn styled high neckline and sleeveless with a cinderella poof to the skirt. 
Prim bow front with buttons down front. 
Equally as interesting square-cut back with exposed zipper.
Thick cotton. 
RM 63
Can't go wrong with a staple laced dress. 
All-basic laced dress.
Longer length than the usual ones we find. :) 
Suitable for more formal events or a girlish day at work.
Hidden back zipper and detachable ribbon sash inclusive. 
RM 69

A unique pair of lighthearted sunshine-and-daisies stockings that you probably can't get anywhere else. 
Ain't this simply dainty? :D
Princess-like sheer stockings with itsy bitsy coloured flower stitching. 
Reminds me of confetti. :) 
Well suited with swishy and demure dresses and pumps. 
RM 39 *psst: straw bag going for RM 89*

Makes a glamorous accompaniment to block coloured bodycon dresses.
Oh yes, bring on the sequin fever. ;D 
Now if you're like me and a tad careful about wearing sequins for fear of looking to glitzy, 
A sequin clutch truly solves all our doubts. :) 
In black or champagne gold as seen above; satin lined leopard print inner. 
RM 39

And because we've had quite a few requests for this --
The metal tip chiffon blouse. :)
Slightly ruffled batwing sleeves and overall relaxed fit.
Only in navy blue and milk white. 
RM 45 *psst: sequin skirt going for RM 55*

Also see:

Vintage class. alternative to 'em doctor sling bags. 
The hot-selling Mika tote is back. ;D 
New gorgeous shades; and a new miniature size. 
Uber cute really.
RM 65 / RM 55
Such lust if you love the whole Harley chic vibe. 
I've always like a bit of edge. ;)
And no brand exudes this more than Balenciaga!
Here's an inspired mini clutch version, 
Complete with gold tinge embellishments and chain-linked straps.
Lush and smooth genuine leather and print fabric interior.
RM 65
Another one of my favourites -- stylish and practical. 
Breathtaking simplicity. 
Casual elegance says it best with this generously sized boston-like tote. 
An instant Anya Hindmarch association with the ribbon brooch. ;)
Light studded bottom and detachable long straps included. 
RM 75

Honestly, I'm running out of leggings.
And I don't know why they're so hard to find around anymore :( 
Here we have a retro version in light stretchy lycra material. 
Got 'em bright neons and basic black/blue shades. 
RM 35


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