Sunday, April 22, 2012


Honestly, you don't see these around that often. :) it's cool. 
Just relieving my punk-goth days. ;D 
Loving this stamped skull envelope clutch. 
Studded goodness and oodles of rock princess eclectic vibes. 
Detachable strap inclusive; fits A4 size.
RM 38 only

Also updated with jewelry boxes (not shown); and these high quality stunning collars going at RM 60:

waist belt is most likely a must; and with high high heels for the illusion of longest legs. 
A delish demure floaty dress. :) 
Crafted in layers of chiffon with inner lining; 
High tunic neckline with flattering front pleats; 
Lush billowy lantern cuffed sleeves. 
A cheeky short length keeps things from looking too boring. ;)
RM 79

Without a doubt, I do love all this McQueen. ;) unfortunately my fingers are too tiny for this; but it's a beauty. 
It's another Alexander McQueen inspired piece! 
Textured croc exterior; 
Relaxed slouchy shape held together with the metal borders and iconic skull and ring embellishments.
PU leather.
In a juicy guava shade or seductive goddess-greenish-blue. 
RM 52

Instantly recognizable Givenchy Nightingale
As best said, 
"It carries a minimalist style with a hint of class. Best worn around those arms as it falls extremely pretty in a laid back stylish droop The thick leather strap adds fashion volume to the overall design. Lovely crumpled textures that redefines what a cool everyday bag ought to be This is one of those that never fades with time, a keeper and definitely flaunt worthy!"
RM 75
Tres' minimalist quirky chic. 
Now this lil' baby here instantly caught my eye. ;D 
A revamped version of the regular boxed clutch in gorgeous too-cool-for-you colours. 
Lusciously quilted with meticulous stitching; 
Ultra long detachable chain-link with metal guard in dark chrome and satin finished interior;
Available in ice cold blue; macaron caramel orange, champagne and ink black. 
RM 50 

Nothing quite like a pop of colour to add to a simple outfit. 
So apparently, this is the newest craze to hit the streets of Japan. ;D 
Hachimon and Hachi clutches -- water-resistant, convenient and available in striking Barbie shades. 
Turn-lock closing and flat in size;
Made from 100% durable safe silicon. 
Available in awesome pop colours; sure to brighten the mood! 
RM 25 - RM 28 inclusive of postage

Pastel coloured maxi's bring out a softer feminine side as an alternative to 'em bold colour block ones. 
Full length flowy maxi. 
Casual sleeveless cutting and regular scoop neck; 
Smooth waistband with adjustable tie-back for a perfect fit. :) 
Falls in voluminous heavy pleats. 
Quality lycra.
RM 60 


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