Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Simply had to highlight (again) this pair of semi-highwaist denims! 
Just received and I love it to bits. ;D
Fits like a charm to every curve you got, 
a good length that isn't too long past the ankle for normal-height babes,  
And material is of not too bad quality. :) 

once again, apologies for the grainy pic. via instagram (@shalyn_xash)
All my cropped tops are loving this pair. ;) 

A white tank; statement pendant necklace and high heels are all you need to look fab. 
Bootylicious pair of semi-highwaist jeans. ;D
Gotta grab one for yourself. 
Deliciously curve enhancing and hugs oh-so-generously over the bum and thighs. 
Available in sizes S and M; as well as in light or dark blue.
Limited restockability.
RM 59
Beware! Chic and irresistible items ahead. ;) 

White Circus
*also updated with up to 3 variations of princess lace dresses!*

Take your pick : Chanel inspired or military quintessential knit sweaters / RM 57 / RM 59

Nautical striped mini dress with bow back embellishing and midi maxi / RM 54 / RM 65

Peep Boutique

A stunner unlike any other. ;D 
This demure high neckline front and truly exposed back oozes sex appeal / RM 69

Gorgeous new take on usual lace dresses / RM 69

Less sexy; more flirtatious. ;D the cut-out is a winner! RM 55

Seventeen Origins

Unique graphic collared blouse with Parisian print collar panels and striking lace bib / RM 54

Wedges that pack a punch with cut-outs and open-lace front design. / RM 79
Stylenanda deer relaxed fit tee / RM 50

*prices unstated*

Particularly like the strikingly elegant geometric bib necklace. :) 

Playsuit in style with leopard print collars and the popular slouchy duo-toned top.

A fetish for laced highwaist shorts and shimmery sheer blouses. 

*supre items*

Extreme dipped fishtail skirt / RM 53

Oversized cropped jumper / RM 49 and Abstract printed pleat skirt / RM 40

Grunge cropped sweater / RM 47 and Oversized relaxed-fit dress / RM 51

*Forever 21 spreeee! :D*

Cut-in shoulder bodycon dress / RM 59

Innocent tulip print sunday dress / RM 77 and striking pink rose bodycon skirt / RM 60

New designs of these popular art-deco pendant long necklaces. 
A personal favourite of mine / RM 28


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