Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Now I rarely feature Taiwan catalogues but just had to highlight this -- 
Prices are super cheap! 
Ranging from RM 13 - RM 30. All pre-order. 
As per usual, unsure of exact quality etc etc. 

RM 25 / RM 26

RM 28 / RM 25 / 15

A recent favourite of mine --
Egyptian inspired ala Queen Cleopetra bib necklaces.
an affair of rustic gold necklaces, engravings, and alloy metal.
Pre-order ; LOTS to choose from. 

Prices below RM 35

It's all things gold and glittery! 
Metal tip blouses, sequin hot pants, shimmery collars and Gaga dresses,
As well as a funky owl print sequin tank. 
For those who like a lil' spark to everyday wear. ;) 

Affordable price range


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