Sunday, May 6, 2012

These Herve Leger dresses are gorgeous, aren't they? :(
Makes me wanna get one.

An excellent and personalized gift for oneself or for others. :) 
As always, such pwetty pieces!
I think it takes a certain kind of creativity and penchant to create different designs every time. 
Makes me wanna start wearing charm bracelets. ;)
Lots more designs to look at in-store. 
RM 33 / RM 35

Whether it's to college or for casual coffee dates; flats or heels; on its own or with your favourite accessories. :) 
Ahh.. it's been quite awhile since we've had some babydolls. 
Effortlessly serene and practical with a cut and flair that's bound to flatter. ;) 
Choose between a kaleidoscope of christmas-themed leafy prints;
Or innocent in white with subtle embroidered detailing.
Fits petites. 
RM 59

See also:
A delightful range of formal dresses that could kill. ;) 

a must for every working adult or to keep in handy for college presentations!
Pussybow blouses that never go out of style. ;) 
Sweetly seductive and uber feminine. 
Styled sleeveless or with sleeves as shown above. 
Available in muted classy shades. 
RM 69 / RM 59

As recommended, best paired with light coloured blouses and discreet heels. 
Or if you're up for something daring --
A pair of playful highwaist slacks in bold pop colours!
Straight cut and roomy at the hips with subtle pleats. 
Two shades as above. 
RM 69

I personally like to roll the sleeves up to elbow length. 
By far, the sexiest lace bodycon dress ever. ;) 
So very seductive. 
Now available in a new shade of navy blue!
Taking restocks. 
RM 60 

Cold cinemas; or to match with hot pants. ;) 
Definitely a basic must-have.
No doubt a familiar piece --
The long sleeved cowl neck knit top. 
Fits like a charm. ;)
RM 40 
Belt it at the waist, and a must-wear with matching accessories -- whether tribal, steel metal, or studs. 
Quite the edgy pieces. ;) 
Wolf print knee-length dress. 
Nonchalant cut round neckline and open sleeves. 
Comfy cotton. 
RM 36

Glamour in your hands. 
The Proenza Schouler makes a comeback in a gorgeous new clutch size. ;) 
Beautifully adorned with the extended straps and gold buckle; 
Lush and oh-so-soft PU leather covering, 
Heart stopping shades in turquoise and fire engine red in particular. 
RM 58 

Just so you don't look every other girl out there in lace. ;p
Classic high-neckline bodycon lace dress. 
Inner lined satin with a sweetheart sheer upper bustier. 
An hourglass fit; 
Uniquely drawn Art-deco-like pattern.
Available in sizes S and M. 
RM 69
Wedges or heels are a must whilst a statement clutch will give an instant modern-chic upgrade. 
A delight for the vintage fans out there! 
Ol' school square-cut collar and button down front; 
Poofy pleated skirt that's oh-so-delicate. 
Full printed chiffon. 
RM 69

sure to garner attention. 
Bright red is an instant pick-me-up on Monday mornings. ;) 
Voluminous bodied cotton with stretchable waist; 
Itsy bitsy decorative buttons and lace Peter Pan collar.
Modelled pic available as well. 
RM 55
You know what to do with cropped tops. ;) don on long necklaces and lots of chunky bracelets for a complete attire. 
Their cropped tops have always been lovely! 
Geometric in shape and printed. :)
Here in multi-coloured fireworks or subtle heart prints.
RM 43 / RM 45

Opt for chic cover-ups that will add miles to your style factor. ;)
Sugary sweet in baby pink with lace-like lining;
Extended sharp length. 
Or ala-MNG coats with the beige trench. 
RM 59 

Awesome shorts and awesome!
In boudoir lace or fun-filled watercolour print floral. ;) 
Would you rather demure eyelet satin goodness or summer fun? 
RM 55 

And lastly, one of the more unique metal-tip blouses around. 
Sleeveless with peek-a-boo teardrop cutout front. 
Thick cotton material.
RM 45


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