Sunday, June 24, 2012

Latest Look: 

Red is my new favourite colour! ;)
A vibrant vixen shade that's definitely a head-turner. 
Here in a formal sleeveless dress -- fitted with  a modest length (from Oh-Popsicles)
Interesting cutouts at the neckline with the plunging open triangle -- hence paired with a matching inner red tube. Finished with the Mulberry inspired black tote for added chic; 
And the gold accent matching red skinny belt from Love its versatility. ;D 

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Another massive update from Hutz Fashion!
Of note, cutesey knit cardigans, lots of blouses and fun casual summer dresses. :)

Affordable price range

Simple white tank, load on 'em accessories, and finished with heels. ;)
It's all about the pants. ;D
And these pastel skinny pencil pants are simply summer perfect! 
Rough jeans surface; bootylicious fit; and pwetty soft colours. 
Ankle length. 
RM 69

Champagne for the classic and the deep navy blue for a more mysterious touch. 
Princess-esque indeed. :) 
A lovely concoction of embroidery, lace and tulle. 
Fitted upper bodice with a slightly straight-cut bottom. 
Exclusively for petites.
RM 45
Oh yes, those high heels are needed for that extra height! 
Your midi maxi that's deliciously power packed. ;)
Sexylicious bandeau boob tube cut and tulip cut flare.
High front slit; softly pleated waterfall extended back.  
All in a flowy dramatic finish.
RM 68

All-basic bodycon dress. 
Vixen mini cut length.
RM 51

Dorothy Perkins accessories at a much much cheaper rate. :)
Of note would be the articulated feather earrings -- bringing much class to this bohemian trend.
And some waist belts in cute bow buckle designing. 
Prices as above 

Quite the recent trend -- 
Metallic bib collar necklaces in various shapes and designs.
As above, lovely angel-wing detailing and below, a more futuristic edge with the black pyramid bits. 
See also armour rings! ;)
RM 25 / RM 22 / RM 23

Some pretty picks in here you might want to check out. :)
Oodles of bikinis, printed blouses, and dressy dresses!
Affordable price range


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