Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ugly Duckling Closet

It's all sunshine and daisies!
A happy-go-lucky update that'll most definitely bring a rainbow smile on your face. ;) 
My top pick would be the popsicle dress, hands down. 
But do check more in-store for oodles of chiffon goodies. 
Usual price range

Room 8008

Pyjama playsuit, perhaps? 
Seductively provocative. Yes, it's a playsuit. ;) 
Not too sure how you'd wear this out, but it sure makes a sexy nighttime wear! 
Comfy cotton. 
RM 69 
70's sex bomb. 
Pastel skirts made sexy. ;)
Take a leaf from these models and add a lil' naughty to these otherwise demure pieces.
Semi-highwaisted and straight-cutting.
Noted of thick latex material.
RM 49

Bright and bold for some traffic-stopping wear. 
Playing with naughty blues and greens! 
Items up for grabs include the off-shoulder draped chiffon top / RM 45
Turquoise linen shorts / RM 45
and the Topshop inspired pony print gradient blouse / RM 49

Cocktails and Martinis
*all items inclusive of purchase*

A structured tote for the business pedigree, or quaint clutch for a day out. 
Channel that instant quintessential Londoner vibe with hints of Chanel inspiration. 
Gorgeous gingham designed dress in classy hues of blacks and whites, 
Beautifully backless. ;) 
This pretty lil' piece hits all the right spots.
RM 59
Cuts down the need for thinking which necklace to pair this with!
Don't we all need a basic hugging top? ;) 
Deliciously long and features slightly padded shoulders. 
Loving the glove-fit!
Unique angel wing decorative collar is attached btw. :) 
RM 39

Style status definitely sealed. ;p
A vision of ethereal beauty. :) 
Lovely toga blouson dress in striking cobalt blue. 
Soft chiffon sleeves with centre split and cuffed at the wrists. 
Finished with a modest length that doesn't ride up too high. ;p
Suitable for petites.
RM 65

Intensely bold to stand out from the crowd. 
A flirty affair with plenty of interesting baroque prints thrown in for good measure!
Playful drop-waist cutting with a full-swing mini skirt. 
Overall loose casual cutting. :)
More colours available in-store. 
RM 49

Here showcased in all its awesome colours. ;) 
By far my all-time favourite blazer!
Sleek and sexy with a perfect fit. 
To-die-for yummy funky shades. 
RM 65

Just thought this something interesting to highlight --
Edgy devil-red spiked headband. 
Dare ya? RM 35


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