Saturday, July 14, 2012


So all these came in the mailbox today! (and a couple of others). 
Unfortunately got to let these go as I forgot I lost weight :( 

All going at RM 50 each inclusive of purchase 

Email: if interested!

From: Miccaz / Original price: RM 59 ; Brick Red, Size S. / Fits a Size 25/26 (I'm a Size 24)

Here we go! 
These lucky owners are back from their European sprees -- let's just see what they have. ;) 
Adding to my designer wishlist. 

Loving all these picks. :) 
Check out the Furla tote! 

Such class with 'em Chanel earrings. 
The Louis Vuitton wallet packs a delightful punch with the touch of red. 

Who needs modern suitcases when we've got this in hand? ;D
Coming back to reality with bags we could usually afford. :) 
A gorgeous vintage find in warm Earth shades. 
Unconventional oversized purse-snap back knob design,
Styled in a thick pebble texture with trails of brass detailing for that effortless classy feel. 
RM 72 

And if you're a fan of slouchy bags -- 
These choices are a definite must-see. ;) 

Handwoven weave clutch. 
Beautiful beige yarn black trim combination. 
Synthetic leather strap pulls the look together. 
Do take care so it doesn't get dirty fast though!
RM 79 


Hey there, sent u an email yest but didn't seem to get thru. Are these items still available?

yes they are :) kindly email me at hopefully it works.

Only the jeans is left? :(

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