Friday, August 3, 2012

Amazing Summer Fashion

So here's a lil' treat for you! 

I very rarely do fashion articles due to time constraints (although looking into this in the future)
To make up for that, here's a guest post. ;) 

From Anya Sarre (stylist at international site Shoe Dazzle) AND she's worked alongside other celebrity stylists such as Kim Kardashian, as well as being featured in international media like Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, and STYLE network). 

Diary Addictions is much honoured to feature this guest post. 

With the summer heat already blazing down on us, don’t let summertime cause any fashion hassle! After all, it should be easy to look cool, calm, and collected no matter what the temps read.By simply making the right fashion decisions, you can really turn basic concepts into a chic, red carpet worthy looks! Choose the right fashionable items for this summer and consider your own beauty in these following essential steps:

1) Choose a Few Great Dresses 

Dresses are a simple, fabulous way to create a whole outfit from a single piece of clothing and some accessories. Whether you are a fan of the slinky sundress or you prefer the elegant look of a maxi dress, you will find that there are a number of dresses that are just perfect for you and your body. Maxi dresses are flattering to all shapes—with added accessories you can transform this simple garment to bold and stylish. 

Maxi dresses can be found in so many different prints and solids—think of what you have in your own closet to help you decide what you should choose. If you buy something that’s versatile for your wardrobe, you’ll get a lot of use (and compliments!) out of it. 

2) Shoe Yourself Appropriately

If you are a woman who has always loved shoes, this summer is going to be great fun for you. The perfect pair of woman’s shoes undoubtedly will be the finishing touch to any outfit and you’ll find that you can get the options that you have always loved. For example, with a maxi dress you can add wedges for height or strap on your favorite sandals if you’re already tall. The pattern and color of your dress can help dictate a shoe choice: with a patterned dress, pick a bright color from it and wear wedges in that color—neons are all the summer rage right now.

3) Accessorize 

No outfit is complete without accessories! If you’re uncomfortable with showing your shoulders and arms in a maxi dress, throw on a cardigan or wrap for layers and the added security of covered arms. Choose a statement piece for your jewelry—like a necklace or big earrings. A maxi dress is like a big canvas to showcase accessories, but don’t overdo it! Bangles are always a fun addition to almost any outfit. When you complete an outfit with accessories, people will notice!

For the woman who wants to look beautiful this summer, there are many options for fashion to keep you looking your best. Think about your style, think about your outfit and shoes, and think about the way you feel—confidence is a must have accessory this summer! 


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