Sunday, August 5, 2012

Exclusive galaxial items. 

This particular bodycon dress is RM 120 / pre-order

Check this out. ;)
Awesome, eh?
RM 45

It's all the funky-psychedelic-animal-mixed-cosmic print tops. ;D
Here's to definitely making a statement. 
Personally might just invest in one myself. ;) 

Pre-order till 10th August. RM 50  

Such pretty pretty items. :) 
A modern Goddess-like aura with plenty of designer inspiration thrown in. 
most are last pieces!
Affordable price range

One of those MASSIVE pre-order footwear sites.
Hundreds of photos to sift through. Most are very pretty. :) 
Personally not a fan of pre-order footwear, but the Steve Madden and Vivienne Westwood Aztec wedges are to-die-for!

RM 60 - RM 70 ish

On the want list. 
Limited edition Louis Vuitton Illustre in Damier Azur. 
A lighthearted and whimsical touch to a classic pochette. 
Matching gold finishing touches. 
RM 1299
Crafted By Mei

As always, 
Gorgeous accessories from Crafted by Mei. :) 
The Enchanted and Bluebird series are particularly lovely with the pendant touch!
Also do read her story over here at The Star.
All jewellery customizable. 


These are gorgeous, how will I order them in Canada. By the way, check out my blog

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