Friday, August 31, 2012


Pre-order / much much more in-store. 
cheap cheap funky stuff :) 

Room 8008

Very awesome trendy pics in-store.
Scandalously cute cropped baby tee tops and sensual bustiers;
Floral and watercolour prints,
And a heavy dose of studded goodness in-store.
Price range as per usual


Rock it up with tough luxe biker jackets and loaded steel cuffs. 
Uber glam. 
Metallic foil-sheen in silver and gold that looks absolutely to die for. 
As noted, a dose of high-fashion twinkle to a party outfit. ;D 
Sci-fi modern, baby. 
RM 49 

Bon Voyage

This steals the limelight so keep the rest of your outfit discreet with matching high heels and classy accessorizing. 
Several designs of these runway-inspired digital prints in-store. 
Personally love how bold and graphic these are. ;D 
The smoothest chiffon with inner lining.
Easily tailored to fit as well -- though with additional outside cost of course :) 
RM 65

Toned down digital prints. 
Of similar design as the above except in a scandalous cut-out bodycon format. ;) 
Watercolour wave-like print in pleasurable ocean blue, 
Beige duo-toned upper bodice and back with exposed cut-outs.
Thick cotton material.
RM 52

Textured snake skin clutches will up the ante. 
Aztec playsuit.
Looking absolutely sexy with that amount of skin. ;) 
Mile long legs and beautifully tanned shoulders! 
Velvet material with hidden side zipper.
Definitely a unique find. ;)
RM 49

Cocktails and Martinis

Best paired with a gold-toned belt for added class as displayed above. 
Amazing ombre love~ 
A simple dress transformed artistically extraordinary with dip-dye treatment.
Matching sunset shades in a gorgeous soft-pleated demure skirt. 
Such a girly dress to wear on first dates. :) 
RM 63 inclusive of postage

Fun and flirty with all the style you need. Time to show off that out-of-this-world clutch as well ;)
Truly exquisite. 
Short and sassy chiffon mini dress; 
T-bar laced half exposed back for that electrifying zing. ;)
RM 63 inclusive of postage


Pile on 'em statement necklaces and chunky bangles for a fashion statement. 
Gorgeously elegant to the core. 
Long sleeved full-bodied maxi's in the prettiest jewel tones. :) 
Slightly fitting around the curvaceous areas, 
And a nice almost-hitting-the-ground length -- perfect for heels.
Thick quality lycra cotton material. 
RM 60
Daisy lace lends a playful edge. ;) 
Simply serene in white. 
Elbow-length tunic lace mini dress with a scallop hem. 
Loose fit for a more casual touch. 
Also in black.
RM 58
Awesome Mustache Shop

Awesome-possum iPhone and Samsung S2/S3 cover cases!
Aaah. So whimsical and quaint.
RM 35 each

Oh, how can we deny such beauty? 
Too freaking gorgeous. I don't even have second thoughts. 
RM 70 

Stud My Shit

Freaking awesome DIY dip-dye and studded denim shorts.
Inner me lives for the edge.
Price range RM 50 - RM 80


Some of us old-timers would definitely remember this site -- 
Recently visited them and TRUST ME,
there's good stuff in there. ;)
Specifically for formal-sophisticated-sexy bodycon dresses. 

So much awesomeness in one update. ;D 
Loving the Topshop inspired front-tie cropped top, 
And all those inspired bodycon space skirts. 
RM 50 - RM 59

A glorious mix of eclectic and simplicity. 
Out-of-this world angel wing bodycon skirts and psychedelic tanks;
To basic blouses, laidback tees and playful jumpsuits.
Enjoy the browse through. ;)
Affordably priced

Would personally give those ear cuffs a try cause they look too darn cool. 
Another update of highstreet fashion inspired accessories!
Go fully boho with all 'em coloured feathered accessories and hair clips, 
Edgy in metal ear cuffs, 
And pyramid bib necklaces for added fun. ;)
Affordable price range at RM 10 - RM 20

You'd be surprised how a couple of these rings gives an instant coolness-upgrade to a simple outfit. 
House of Harlow inspired rings.
Gold and steel-silver toned for versatility. ;) 
RM 20 

Found more cool-looking ones here!
RM 25 - RM 45

Pardon the poser-style bikini pic. But i just had to show how awesome it is in real life. :) Recommended if you're bored of colour blocks and the usual stripes. 
More H&M bikinis! 
Absolutely in love with the prints. :) 
Unique designs that are uber hard to find it Malaysia --
Till H&M opens a store here that is. ;D
RM 79
*ongoing Merdeka sale; definitely recommended looksee in-store!*

Channel Barbie-babe with neon brights and candy lips. ;D
Strikingly lovely!
Now THIS is a bold colour statement. ;) 
Sleeveless fitted shift dress that screams uber cute. 
Loving the length. 
RM 49
It's California babe in style! Think loose white tanks and long boho necklaces. 
We could eat this one right up. ;)
Paddle Pop pastel shades with skull candy embellishments. 
Denim frayed ends for that punk rock edge.
Noted a size M. 
RM 41.40

Also see:

Standard pairings with everything from skinnies to shorts. 
We can never have too many tanks. ;) 
For a more sophisticated touch if your wardrobe is full of chiffon tops. 
Printed art-deco ala runway collections,
Or warrior-princess-Aztec with an embellished neckline.
RM 35/ RM 44

Ol' school beauty. 
A piece that emphasizes all our womanly curves. ;) 
High neckline and sleeveless styling;
Short and sassy-yet-not-slutty length.
Marked floral prints.
RM 72
Discreet heels are a must. :)
Formal peplum wear ala Victoria Beckham.
Uber stylish and the pop shades make it even more unusual. ;)
Sizes S - L available.
RM 69 

Artistic blues~ very nicely paired with pastels. 
A very pwetty piece. 
Delicate fairytale floral blouse in simplistic white. 
Cuffed with a button-down front, 
Gorgeous use of watercolour design strokes.
RM 53
Sophisticated with a party touch. 
It's all sparklyyyy! 
Sophisticated tunic blouse with stylish pleats and pure-gold-sprinkled front panel. :)
Dainy buttons down the back makes this an even more must-have! 
Definitely ordering one for myself. ;) 
RM 48

Also see:

Floral bralet for the petites. :)
Beach-orchid styled with front buttons and fully smocked back, 
High neckline/almost halter style -- giving a slight ol' school vibe.
Denim material.
RM 40 *cardigan going for RM 48*

Contemporary and oozing with style. 
Even better than the actual ASOS version! 
Delightfully modern and structured one-piece work/party dress. 
Bold contrast lines on the nude backdrop.
Fitted with a hidden back zipper.
Also available in a black/purple contrast. 
RM 65
Giving that classy goody-two-shoes vibe. 
Travelling through time in this A-line 70's circle skirt. :) 
Classic semi highwaist and buttons down front.
RM 55

Best paired with mini denim shorts or tight black skinnies and sky high pumps. ;) 
Hot days like today makes me think I need to invest more in basic tanks! 
Here in a dipped-back version. :)
Boatneck racerback style with a side front pocket detail.
Comfy comfy cotton. 
RM 45
Sugar sweet and coquettishly playful. 
This fantastic pastel skater girl dress makes a comeback. ;D
Absolutely smooth and seamless. ;) 
Fits like a charm and beautifully flirty -- balancing naughty and nice. 
Limited stocks.
RM 55

Suitable for work with highwaist skirts. 
Basic pleated tunic top. 
Versatile and great to pair with a bold contrasting bottoms -- graffiti and artistic designed bodycon skirts or sleek highwaist shorts.
Cotton polyester material. 
RM 56

With a simple white blouse and heels for an effortlessly stylish look. 
Zara inspired colour blocked skinnies. 
Sizes S - XL available.
More shades available in-store :)
RM 55 *blouse going for RM 59*

Vintage redefined. 
We've seen colour blocked dresses --
But not one of such a vintage touch as this. ;)
Classic hourglass fitted silhouette and long in length. 
Slightly padded cap sleeves and with a regular U neckline; ribbed texture.
A great canvas to show-off pop accessories and colours. 
RM 69

Worn with your favourite pair of flats and metal cuffed accessories for a chic edge. 
Mini playsuit ala those you find in Cotton On
Liking the sash detail for optimum fit :)
Ditsy dots for a fun summers days out. ;D 
Silky polyester.
RM 30 


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