Sunday, August 5, 2012

A great piece that takes you from day to night, modest length without being too long. 
As previously spotted in Whitesoot --
This Stella McCartney inspired one-piece makes a comeback in brand new shades! 
Duo-toned in flattering soft pastels; work-friendly.  
Cutting fits well for petites (as I've one myself); good quality too.  ;)
RM 49 
psst. skin-tight jeans like this go well with a fitting bodycon tank for a 50's vibe. ;)
Going back to retro. 
Denim highwaist with visible seamlines. 
Flat gold buttons and belt hoops complete the picture.
Also in dark denim blue; sizes S and M available.
RM 49

Also not to be missed colourful print sci-fi dresses:

Up the ante with chunky bib necklaces.
Amazon print rainforest shift dress.
A neutral shade of beige to complement the roaring colours. ;) 
Fully lined satin with hidden back zipper.
RM 59
With all the attitude and aviators. ;)
Definitely a standout! 
Highwaist American girl glory. ;)
Purr-fect bootylicious fit.
Sizes S and M available. 
RM 79 *tee going for RM 39*

Two great looking dresses! 
Cut-out and twisted knot in fuchsia pink / RM 75
All-basic striped cotton tunic / RM 58

And some pretty accessories:

Paired with leather shorts and plenty of stud bangles gives new found edge. 
Forever 21 inspired. 
Awesome cute cropped top! 
Printed graphic and typography on the front; 
Whilst the tail at the back takes the cake. ;)
RM 44

With equally mini shorts and flats for a fun day out. 
Mini shift dresses that are just oh-too-sassy-short. ;) 
Cap sleeves and gorgeously bold. 
Various prints available.
RM 49
Pairs beautifully with 'em feathered earrings and braided headbands. 
The modern day Pocahantas.
Sexy Aztec cropped tops for the bohemian fashionistas. ;) 
Loose and oversized; most likely can be worn one off shoulder.
More designs available in-store. 
RM 39

With denim shorts and inner spag for cheerleader coolness. 
Varsity baseball jackets!
All the stripes and preppiness complete. ;) 
Slightly oversized with functional front buttons. 
Kinda like the bright grass green colour. 
RM 53

Poignant bucket bags that look deliciously vintage! 
Printed PU leather on the front; 
Saddled in a gorgeous beige leather trim and tassel buckle. 
Detachable long straps. 
RM 45

You'd want to be carrying these totes all day long. ;)
And speaking of bags, 
Can't miss out on Glossy Addiction's update! 
Stylish and designer inspired pieces that's absolutely droolworthy.
See more in-store. 
Affordable price range
*recommended looksee in-store for more*

Go full-on girly girl sweet or add studs for bits of edge. ;p
These Paddle Pop-friendly flavours are tooo pwetty! 
Soft and delicate; all mashed together in a cloudy mixture. 
In a flirty pleated summer skirt;
Or a more devastating bodycon mini. ;D 
Both of latex material.
RM 69
A slim matching waist belt breaks the monotone and gives better fit. 
Loving the burst of colours! 
It's a crazy kaleidoscope of printed colours in this cute peplum playsuit. ;) 
Stylish with its fitted waist and flared peplum layer; 
Plunging slim teardrop back exposure as well.
RM 59

For all the artisans out there!
How could we pass on such beautiful prints? ;) 
A basic long sleeved mini dress transformed into a dramatic piece of art. 
Of paisley and dreamy flowers and a fairytale ending.
Taking restocks.
RM 59
And for the Xena princesses out there. ;) 
Gladiator hawt. ;) 
Extensively exposed cut-out back with further slits from the front, 
Embellished warrior beading shoulders, 
Overall bodycon fit; size M.
RM 89

One of the more unique pieces around. We certainly haven't seen a top like this. ;)
Our fascination with the galaxial continues!
Here in a gorgeous Peter Pan sleeveless blouse; 
Vivid extraterrestrial colour palette.
Printed front and plain back. 
RM 63  *rara fishtail skirt going for RM 55*

Raising the hotness level. A surefire knock-out. ;D
Bustier bralet top. 
Capsleeve design with open front and bust-cup seams, 
Exposed side zipper and chic triangular back design. 
Thick cotton/chiffon material; slightly padded.
Also available in bright block colours. ;)
RM 65

Simple and versatile. 
Cropped jersey top with plenty of oomph. 
Regular scoop neckline and sleeveless styling, 
Criss-cross contemporary back design. 
Mid-waist smexy length. ;)
RM 59

A casual Sunday blouse or worn tucked to work. 
Zara-inspired piece :) 
Keyhole front design with metallic bar. 
A teasing front cleavage is guaranteed. ;) 
Comfy cotton. 
RM 59 

The ever popular eyelet floral top!
Here with an edgy metal gold tip. ;)
RM 49

Versatile piece; looks good whether with tight skinnies or laced shorts. 
Of froth and icing. 
This delicate duo-toned blouse oozes ethereal goodness. :)
Powder blue and serene white makes a pretty concoction! 
Pleated below the bust and flares out.
RM 45

A quickie highlight --
An all-basic peplum skirt. :) 
Short and sassy with just the right amount of flair. 
In midnight blue and black.
RM 44


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