Saturday, August 11, 2012

Running man ear cuffs and claw ear studs, anyone? ;)
Edgy one-of-a-kind pieces.
Price range less than RM 20

And because I was looking for 'em bib necklaces to match with newly-bought shift dresses, here are a few from these two blogshops: 

Day 24 at RM27

Minimum 30 at RM 15-ish

At these prices -- they're definitely worth the buy. ;)

Pop coloured highwaist and long demure skirt / RM 28

Printed blouses and assorted yummylicious highwaist shorts / RM 25 

Lot to love with this update. ;) 
Gorgeous acid grunge shorts with rock studs, 
Classic light blue washed denims and sizzling bodycons,
Topped with a dramatic long cardigan. 
Affordable price range

And similarly with this massive update from Room 8008 -- 
Everything from sunset print bodycons to provocating blouses, 
Summer-filled sundresses and slouchy playsuits. 
Lots of bralet-bottom sets as well! Must see in-store for more. 
Affordable price range

A classy necklace coupled with a feminine watch and heels for a devastatingly elegant night. 
It's the lil' details that make a huge impact. ;)
Full-on contouring cocktail bustier dress in mustard yellow and ink black. 
Paneled seam lines from the bodice to down sides, 
Furnished with bandage-like straps and a glorious heart-shaped bustier.
Indeed, no evening portfolio is complete without this in hand! 
RM 69 

Great for the beach for one! Otherwise with high waist bottoms for that exposed back. 
Now, ain't you a sexy thang? ;)
This is one cropped top that's provocative. 
Famed scarf print designs ala Dolce Gabbana and Versace.
Multiple styles available thanks to its front-or-back wear and ultra long ribbons to be tied in any way. 
RM 45
Lazy days without losing an ounce of coolness. ;) 
What's not to love about perfect white printed singlets! 
Uber chic casual.
See more designs in-store. 
RM 29
Thin and lightweight ensuring you won't be sweating whilst out in the sun. ;)
Another must-have piece.
Wardrobe basic long sleeve slim fit top. 
RM 49 

Best with tight skinnies, high heeled pumps, and plenty of metal accessories for maximum impact.
A peplum blouse spells plenty of corporate fun. ;) 
Stylishly chic in nude mix cotton material,
High necklace with bustier seams and exposed keyhole back/exposed zipper, 
Ends with a flirty peplum layered charm. 
RM 49 

Very sweet-looking bohemian top :) 
Seashell embroidery with light tassels. 
Slightly oversized for a nonchalant sexy edge. ;)
In off-white.
RM 42
Clothes for Fun

Time to invest in all things loud and bold! 
Prints wise, that is. ;) 
Here in a gorgeous water colour japanese floral art design. 
In white or vivid blue.
RM 52

Oversizd rose print batwing tunic, 
Completely sheer. :) 
RM 55

And lastly, can't go wrong with a knit sweater / RM 50: 

Makes a lovely pairing with silk blouses or white tanks. 
Spilling of good ol' vintage vibes -- 
This easy going smooth chiffon/cotton pair of shorts exudes classic drama. 
Removable emblem belt is inclusive of purchase.
Straight, fine seam cutting. 
Also available in pink-champagne. :)
RM 49


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