Sunday, September 9, 2012

painstakingly droolworthy.
And how fitting it is that the Prince and Princess just visited/are visiting us :D
RM 69

Oh, all the sultry-edginess in this update is absolutely killing. ;)
Shimmer bodycon skirts in nude, black sequins, and coloured blocks,
Studded blouses and PU biker jackets that's off the coolness factor. ;D 
Fringe, denim, and metal tips. 
Affordable price range

Playing it rough and tough. ;) 
Denim cropped tops in delicious studs; 
Spiked highwaist frayed shorts;
Embellished chunky blouses and pastel jeans to sweeten the deal.
Affordable price range

*see velvet highwaist shorts in-store as well!*

Lead the pack with these galaxial bodycons whilst its hawt. ;D 
Ready stocks, babes. ;)
Running out fast.
Top notch stretchy lycra. 
RM 49 *leggings version also available*

Go Harley-rocker with a studded jacket and skin-tight black skinnies. 
A pretty print-tee version. :)
For the more edgy-cool. 
RM 44

something dreamy for afternoon strolls. 
Oh, this is simply sinful. ;)
Utmost playful chic with this amazon-digital printed playsuit.
Fits like a charm and stylish with its high neckline.
In awesome blues and greens.
RM 58
A whimsical touch for the light-hearted souls. 
Riding on the dreamy wave in an oriental blouse version. ;)
Delirious mix of colour hue and patterns that's soft on the eyes, 
Smooth and flowy for the effortless laidback edge.
Two colours as shown above.
RM 55

Also not to be missed:

A lovely vintage inspired shift dress.
Modest and oh-so-lovely in lively floral prints.
High neckline, sleeveless styling and long in length;
Slightly fitted -- but better paired with a thin waist belt.
Polyester cotton material. 
RM 60

A gorgeous find! 
One-piece dress with Hermes scarf print motif front panel; 
Sleek and sexy-chic all the way. ;)
Also available in white.
RM 65

Also see trendy basics:

Just thought I'd like to share with you my collection of long chain-pendants so far --
Mostly purchased from Zikkos and Crafted by Mei.
Personally love these vintage/art-deco pieces; 
Each design tells a story.

Normally pair mine with simple tank and shorts attire. :) 
 I'm a collector of hopes, dreams, memories, hearts and wishes.

Dibs on the union jack feather pair. ;) 
Absolutely love how earrings are getting so much more funky! ;) 
Think dipped in brightly coloured dye and given that extra edge with rhinestones and printed patterns; 
The Union Jack is especially a steal. 
See also basic emerald bib necklaces in-store. 
RM 11 - RM 18 

It's always good to have something out of the norm every once in awhile ;)
Aztec-gorgeous and oh-so-lively! 
Knitted sassy bodycon skirt in an array of threaded colours,
Funky patterns as shown above.
More colours available.
RM 42

One-up for cropped top lovers!
Here in a casual summer baby tee roudneck cut, 
Falls tantalizingly just above the navel. ;)
In grey art-deco like design.
RM 35

Like a sir moustache pattern on the boob!
'nuff said.
RM  35

Also see:

It's good to be back! 
Once again, leaving the work force and returning to studies. 
Mostly sad -- but I'll get over it. 
In the meantime, let's look at pwetty stuff. :)

Here in White Circus' bling bling demure blouse. 
An absolute killer with skin-tight black jeans, stiletto pumps and big jewel rings. 
Working a glamorous edge to daytime wear. 
See more looks at LOOKS tab on the left sidebar.

On a side note, 
RE-SELLING the following items: 

Selling for : RM 55 / RM45 inclusive postage. 
Email me at 

Dovey Lovey : White sleek highwaist shorts / love this but unfortunately 2 - 3 inches too big for me 


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