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Fall/Winter 2012

Hi, babes!
So I was just reading through the September issue of Harper's Bazaar (my favourite magazine) and there was an awesome spread on fashion trends for Fall/Winter 2012. :D

Thought I'd share some of these trends with you and how I'd incorporate them into daily wear - included outfit pics as well. :) 
Here's 3 for the week, hope you enjoy them!


We've seen these plenty-a-times!
Inspired by the renaissance period and gorgeously lavish --
brocade, jacquard, textured fabrics and opulent tapestry prints are given ladylike spins.

How to wear: Because these prints are already so bold on their own, pair 'em with something simplistic and lightweight so you don't look too out-of-place. Bejewelled add-ons (accessories or your clutch) will turn this look extra glamorous for after-dark occasions. 

Here paired Whitesoot's flirty-swing digital print skirt with a neutral sheer black chiffon top. 
Devoid of accessories and with basic flats as I wanted a more low-key effect for afternoon coffee. :) 


Seems like the colour to wear this Fall is purple! 
Of luxury, passion, and energy -- this shade is sure to bring royal style to your wardrobe. ;)
Take your pick from all gradients of this colour as luxurious shades of violet to lavender and plum appeared in a long list of designer collections -- from Dior, Erdem, Balenciaga and Christopher Kane. 

How to wear: One sure-fire way to standout is to replace your LBD with a deep sultry purple hue instead. ;) Keep on the lookout for iridescent purple stones and jewels when picking your favourite accessory. Lighter purples for a cheery ensemble with gold-themes whilst darker purples exude a dark-goth-romanticism in heavy embellished detailing. 

These purple-hue cosmic pants matched perfectly for this trend. ;) Preferred a slightly sci-fi / modern approach with the steel and black metal accessorizing. Kept the overall look light and paired the shorts with a flattering high neckline white blouse from Su-Estilo -- discreet neckline keyhole cutting and light pleatings make this a favourite of mine. 


A Burberry classic for this season. 
Familiar country codes of plaid, corduroy and utility garments splashed with animal prints and Aztec patterns. ;) And of course, all the Earth and Autumn shades to go with! 

How to wear: It's a pity our Malaysian weather is way too hot to go full steam-ahead with all the knit layering and coats; hence we'll interpret this as a boho style instead. ;) From tribalistic patterns and Amazonian prints -- unleash Downtown chic in laidback tops and seal the look with feather or faux-fux accessorizing. 

As per the previous week, cropped top and denim highwaist shorts combo is a favourite of mine -- 
Peace feather earrings in earth-tones instantly gives this look a boho upgrade; from Deeper Than Fashion. Get the extra long ones for a bigger impact! 


All images courtesy of
More next week

Hutz Fashion

EXTREMELY spoilt for choice 'ere. ;D
It's just.. everything. 
Nice wearable daily stuff and uber affordable price range as well.
Definitely recommended looksee in-store

Channel the inner fashionista that you are with exotic textures -- think snakeskin leather clutches for an edgy dosage. 
Oh~ this is simply fabulous. ;)
Ticking off the season's hottest trend -- the stylish peplum.
Here in a quintessential design of sleek beige with bold black trims.
Sizes S and M available. 
RM 53 
*Singaporean blogshop; ships to Msia*

Pile on sleek gold or silver toned accessories and a textured clutch for a luxe finish. 
Aztec bodycon lurveee!
Gorgeous in shades of green and loving how this has that slight futuristic/Matrix geometric edge to it. ;) 
High neckline and sassy short length.
Stretchy cotton spandex material and available in a pink version.
SGD 24 / RM 74 inclusive postage 

Other awesome stuff which makes me want to shop here even though it's in Sing :

You're in for chic boho treat with an edge. ;) 
We've got studded sweaters that are beyond cool, knit bodycons matched with ultra glam accessories, and easy-on-the-eye countryside patterns!
Not forgetting pastel pants for good measure. ;D
Uber affordable price range

Clothes for Fun

Time to get a tan. ;) 
Featuring a galore of awesome bandeau-colour-block bikinis!
Back-tie and hip-tie and halter-tie. 
In juicy shades or prints.
RM 65


It's always handy to have a couple of these type of pieces lying around. 
That simple shirt we could wear anywhere, with anything. :) 
Laidback and loose fit with long sleeves that look much cooler casually rolled up, 
Open-button neckline and fishtail longer back hem cutting.
Two shades as above.
Cotton rayon material.
RM 48
Opt for an overall earth-toned look or go sci-fi with mesh black cut-outs. 
Side panel shorts are all the rage now. ;) 
Contrast black piping with burnt orange is a perfect palette for fall. 
Silky material. Sizes S available.
RM 49

Cool-looking footwear in-store on sale:

Great for our hot sunny days! sure to keep you cool. :) 
A demure piece brimming with grace and femininity. 
You've got that flattering plunging U-neckline guaranteed to show a teasing hint of cleavage, 
Whilst the teardrop backless back spells contemporary chic. ;) 
Paired with a swishy pleated skirt with short inner lining to tone down the sexy.
In serene shades of blues. 
RM 89

From the same collection -- 
Sheer cropped top in similar shades.
RM 49

Another one of 'em sheer shirts -- 
Beaded diamante strewn all over and additional skull buttons for a touch of edge. ;) 
Also available in black and red,
The fire red is looking especially sexy. ;)
RM 49

Skinnies in floral or dark denim: 

Popular Topshop inspired items. 
Price range from RM 69 below. 

Oh~ it's an accessory haven. ;)
Feather loves and bejewelled necklaces!
I'm placing my orders already. Mix of ready stock and pre-order.
Uber affordable price range

Introducing the Woodland series.
Adorable bird and owl charms for extra cuteness! 
In basic designs for a budget friendly price. ;)
RM 19

Quickie highlight: This is exquisite. Chain-linked collar outline with a swallow design. / RM 28
More accessories in-store. 

Quickie highlight: Designer inspired cut-out waist design in marble or florals / RM 65


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