Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hi all! 
Apologies for the lack of mid-week updates -- will be looking through e-mails later.
My 12-year-old cat is quite sick... so I've been feeling a lil' down as well :( 
Hope you all have been enjoying this "holiday-ish" week! 


Say hello to Uggy!

I'm finally feeling much better now :D Kudos to chinese herbs and their healing properties.
Here's the LOOK of the week: Embarking on the peplum trend!

White sleeveless peplum blouse / Chic Valley 
Studded bodycon skirt / Dovey Lovey

Click for clearer view

My first peplum top! Now there are so many choices out there that it becomes important to know what you're looking for -- 
a slightly casual one (keep a lookout for the cotton / lycra ones)
or something more sophisticated for dinners.
If you prefer the latter, like me, this piece by Chic Valley is recommended! 

Quality is undeniable, like those in Zara. Generous crepe-like quality as opposed to the usual cotton or lycra type, giving this a very elegant touch. :) 
Beautifully structured cut as it comes in sizes XS - L (I'm wearing a size XS)

Here paired with a gold studded bodycon skirt and matched with a gold-tinged double-loop belt to enhance the peplum layer.
Result: A mix of class and edge. ;) (or at least I'd like to think so)

Click for clearer view

Accessories used:
Black matte stone necklace; gold Fossil watch; and loafer platform heels. 
Alternatively, also paired with a houndstooth-textured highwaist shorts for a moody autumn season. 
If you'd like something happier -- the peplum top can easily be matched with a bright and bold bodycon skirt or an aztec skirt. 

It really depends on what flavour you're looking for. ;) 


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