Monday, November 26, 2012

It certainly looks like everyone's getting ready to stand out from the crowd!
We've got all sorts of picks for Christmas, New Years,
and everything else which falls during the end of the year. ;)
Take an exclusive look at the following blogshops:

An undeniable taste of elegant chic. 
Crafted of peplum, mesh, and lace for a truly sophisticated entrance.
Price range range from RM 70 above

Stylish chic is the way to go with these designer inspired pieces. 
Carefully selected details make all the difference whilst top notch quality is guaranteed.
Versatile; not too "out-there".
Affordable price range

Absolutely breathtaking. 
Embroidered bustier; full blown frothy chiffon skirt. 
RM 79 / Pre-order

Like the million stars in the night sky~
RM 49

Oh~ this collection absolutely screams fall.
Stylishly chic sweaters in peace signs and rips, speckles and glitter, stripes, leather and studs. 
Awesome print shorts and textured skirts in-store as well!
Must see. 
Price range bout RM 55 above

My outfit for Urbanscapes:
DIY denim studded shorts with tribal patch / Pretty Cool Denim
Baby tee in sunny yellow / Dorothy Perkins
Vintage leather ankle boots
Accessories include leather cuffs and steel claw rings. 

Quite a big fan of 'em hippie styles -- although I wouldn't wear them everyday.
Alternatively, inject an even more carefree look with 'em flowy loose fit tops and Converse shoes.


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