Saturday, November 10, 2012

Inner dark-art me loves this moody collection. ;)
Ample of leather goodness -- from bustiers, to pleated skirts and shorts;
Blouses adorned in gold crosses;
A fetish for lace and ombre shorts for colour.
Price range from RM 60 - RM 90 ish

It's time to make your own tribal-patch shorts. ;) 
Choice of shorts and patterns updated in their facebook page! 
Trust me, this'll cost a bomb elsewhere. 
Price varies / RM 79-ish

Now, I rarely feature pre-orders -- 
But this site is an exception! Very affordable pricing.
From your favourite baseball jackets;
to peplum blouses and skinny jeans, and all 'em Stylenanda dressing
Prices start as low as RM 20-ish to less than RM 50

*recommended looksee in-store for more!*

An autumn-friendly knit sweater. :)
Beautiful grey-black gradient treatment; 
And mullet styled hem cutting makes this a standout from your usual oversized sweaters.
Available in an equally stylish shade of lighter grey. 
RM 69

Exclusive manufacture. 
Elegant personified in this crema-lace peplum blouse. :) 
Details are looking lovely with the high neckline and cap sleeves; 
Ends with a slight flirtatious peplum flair. 
RM 58

Just that hint of Herve Leger colourblocking. 
Loving this confectionary shade!
Such delicate shades of pink icing and reds <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
Supported with an elegant sleeveless neckline and demure length.
Sizes S - L available. 
RM 69

Quite the picnic dress -- 
Uber cute in upturned heart prints; babydoll cutting.
Sizes S - M available. 
RM 69

Combat the cold in this adorable Christmas-print hoodie jacket. 
Knitted cotton material.
Available in cowboy-brown. 
RM 42

Fold the ends for a more carefree feel. ;)
Punk flag-themed highwaist shorts. :D 
Starry night on one side; with iconic red white stripes on other other.
Cotton denim material. 
RM 42

Also see these interesting-looking ear-cuffs: RM 13

Quickie highlights: Not-so-basic baby tee with side slashes / RM 45 ; Army shorts / RM 59

Quickie highlights: Duo-toned colour boob tube / RM 45 ; Army vest / RM 59

A class up from 'em biker jackets. 
Warming up in style. ;)
Featuring a bomber jacket in a pwetty paisley treatment.
Comfy cotton that ain't too thick. 
RM 48 
Let the skirt do the talking; monochrome tops are best. 
Galaxy print highwaist paperbag skirt. 
Fiery in volcanic reds and cosmic asteroids. :) 
Fad has been here awhile now, but still awesome!
RM 59

Also see: Peplum tops and coloured jeggings.

Such an easy match; be it oversized sweaters or chiffon blouses. 
Sweet looking pastel skinnies! 
Simply something you can't go wrong with. ;) 
Sizes S - L available.
RM 49 

Rock-hard glamour. 
Featuring an envelope clutch coated in both bullet and pyramid studs. 
PVC leather appearance with short-handle. 
RM 55 *psst: keep a lookout for the blouse! details are gorgeous. ;)*

Dramatizing the girl-next-door with metallics and luxe animal textures. 
The most basic skater-girl skirt you could find. :)
In fresh shades that go easy on the eye. 
Mid-waist length with a happy pleated bounce finish.
Thick quality fabric.
RM 52

Taking sophistication to the next level with a gold clutch and ladylike pumps. 
Oozing depths of demi-couture, this elegant piece is a conversation starter. ;) 
Adorned with a detailed web-lace covering over the shoulders and bodice,
Secured by a black ribbon back and plunging back cutting.
Overall structured frame.
RM 55
Effortless and serene. 
Another distinguishing look -- 
An angelic picture in slit mesh lantern sleeves and just a hint of studs. ;) 
Similar structured silhouette as the above,
Available in other shades. :)
RM 55

Undeniable sex appeal here. 
This hot-seller is back just in time for end-of-the-year festivities! 
It's seduction to the core in gorgeous lace and cheeky-short-length. ;) 
Also in cream white and white.
RM 55

Also see lots of peplum tops variations: 

Liking the slight cheekiness.
A dinner dress that's slightly out of the ordinary -- 
Featuring a tantalizing hint of skin at the waistline as shown above; 
Teasing, but not too much. ;) 
Regular sleeveless styling and demure just above-the-knee length.
RM 59

A slightly sporty twist to your usual bodycons with the lines. 
Sail away~ this monsoon season!
Embody the weather with this marine inspired dress. ;) 
Sure fire combo of red, blue, and white. 
Fitted high neckline and sleeveless styling for 'em parties.
RM 69


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