Sunday, December 2, 2012

Riot Loco
*Singapore based blogshop : SGD 12.00 shipping*

Totally different style from our Msian blogshops!
These are their Sale items, so they could well be affordable even with shipping. ;)
Luxe leather shorts in cobalt blue and bloody orange;
Rivet mesh leggings and hipster cropped tops,
Seafoam bustier tops, quirky denims and bodycon skirts in-store.
Price range from SGD 10 - 20


Cambridge inspired satchel in caramel.
Awesomely-cool tablet covers.
Funky printed wallets.
And other too-cool-for-you items in-store. ;)
RM 99.90 for items below

*see MNG totes in-store as well*

Quickie highlight: Topshop studded sling bag / RM 75

Fashion Awearness

Dr. Martens (inspired)!
But they look the same anyway! 
In white as above. Size 26.
RM 120

Also not to be missed:

RM 120 / RM 110

Calf skin / RM 190


Vintage skinny belt across the waist, and wedges for something low-key. 
Absolutely adorable! 
The girl-next-door is perfected in this swallow-print mini skater girl skirt. :) 
Short cheeky length offset by the sweetness of the cut and style of the dress.
Hugs every curve purr-fectly. ;)
RM 59 

The Aztec boob tube dresses.
'nuff said.
RM 57
*to-die-for jackets in-store!*

Beautiful striking vivid hues. 
A highstreet fashion inspiration no doubt --
The floral blazer. 
What's not to love? 
RM 97
Ditch the goody-two-shoes look and inject studs and attitude. 
Skater girl skirt in black lace. ;)
ala the swan lake princess. 
RM 82

Kill the competition with this paired with short denim shorts, sky high heels and a simple white inner tank. hot stuff.
The popular baseball sweater makes a comeback. ;) 
In iconic black/grey/white stripes and emblem, 
Of stretchy knit cotton. Material here doesn't look too thick --
And sizing looks smaller as well. :)
Only RM 44
I Wear Sin

Perfect for a romantic Christmas dine in. :) 
Doesn't this look absolutely cozy? ;D
A brilliant shot of red rum in this Christmas-y cardigan, 
Complete with cotton knit and snowflake contrast white pattern. 
Warm, cosy and of heavy knit material. 
RM 78
Dare to bear with peek-a-boo hints. 
An exquisite white tunic long sleeved overlay. 
Inspired by beautiful autumn leave patterns and crafted from near-transparent gauze, 
Complete with intricate lace and embroidery. 
Ultra feminine with a carefree, serene vibe. :)
RM 69

Making a bang for the end-of-the-year festivities. 
Little Red Riding Hood all grown up. ;)
Be a sexy daredevil in this scandalous red ensemble! 
Almost sheer-like laced panel bodice, 
Full flowing chiffon maxi skirt bottom. 
RM 99 

A nebula and stardust affair. 
Understated galaxy tanks -- 
A nice casual-tank fit in various type of prints,
Not oversized unlike the ones we've seen before. :)
The purple one is naise!
RM 49
The vivid ice-cream shades is a plus point. ;)
This popular peplum piece in bold jewel hues is back! 
Modest high neckline and elbow-sleeves,
Exposed back zipper.
RM 50

Also see the hawt tribal print mini dress: RM 45

*year-end sales in-store!*

And more peplum choices here --
More dinner-ish, less casual. :)
Pre-order. Sizes XS above.
RM 55 - RM 63

Go for gold with glittery heels and sparkling accessories. 
The skimpy lace LBD which you can never go wrong with. ;)
Traditional bodycon fit with mesh rosette bodice,
Cap sleeve and all-over lace material; exposed back zipper.
Fits like a charm. 
RM 48 
Something to pair with 'em leather skirts for a less hardy-rock look. ;)
Fantasy print blouse.
For a quirky and chic feel with plenty of print-drama. 
Here in an artistic mural of faded grey background and colourful fantasy birds. 
Chiffon material.
RM 44

Great for both formal and casual occasions, depending on what bottoms you wear. :)
Stylish ala Miss Read and Zara --
Oozing metropolitan chic in a unique floral-like speckled ensemble,
Long sleeved, complete with a black cuff.
Smooth polyester material.
RM 59
Uber versatile. Worn underneath blazers or paired with skinnies or denim highwaists to inject a diva edge. 
Here's our favourite tunic top glamourized!
Loving the itsy bitsy diamante collar. ;)
Also in a peach shade. 
RM 55

Simplicity says it best. 
A prim white tunic blouse is endlessly versatile!
Paired with outrageous bottoms, strong blazers, glamorous bib necklaces -- you name it. ;)
High grade chiffon fabric.
Worthwhile buy at RM 36

The earth knit cardigan. 
Woollen, toasty, and guaranteed to keep you snuggly. :)
Deliciously long in length and complete with wooden buttons. 
RM 75

Also see:

Tres' sexy with a wild untamed mane, sunnies and ripped denims. 
Slighty wild, slightly tame -- 
Featuring a sleeveless rugged-like top with a jagged tiger graphic print. 
Rocker styling with it's sleeveless cut and dipped armpit hole, 
As well as the higher-than-usual round neck.
RM 39
A pretty piece to add to your collection.
Very similar to that in Topshop --
Worn semi highwaist with a trendy ombre-dipped and Aztec edge.
Sizes S - L available.
RM 69 

Just a quickie highlight cause they're currently sold out -- unsure if restockable. 
The Chanel-esque cardigan is simply gorgeous! 
Preppy, classic, and cut perfectly ; whilst the Topshop inspired bomber jacket simply screams artistically bold. ;)
RM 75 / RM 69


Thanks for featuring us! :)


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