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A perfect gift for the girlfriends!
One can't go wrong with makeup. ;) 
Here's a site selling a range of cosmetic products imported from UK and US --
mainly Coastel Scents, Sleek Makeup, Z Palette and Sigma Beauty.
All ready stock.

Sleek hails from the UK, and I'm particularly fond of this palette:
iDivine - Storm. :)
A versatile combination of varying nude-brown-creamy shades, 
and ranging to slightly more pigment and dark electrifying shades of sparkle emerald green and amethyst blue. 
Much recommended for the quality and price!

iDivine: Storm eyeshadow palette ; Blush BY 3 : Lace.
Click for clearer view

extended till 27th Dec
1. Coastal Scents:
Discount Code: xmasCS20
*Additional 20% OFF on all Coastal Scents products*

2. Sleek Makeup
Discount code: xmasSleek10
*Additional 10% of on all Sleek Makeup Products*

3. Sigma Beauty
Discount Code: xmasSigma5
*Additional RM5 OFF on all Sigma Products*

4. Z Palette
Discount Code: xmasZ20
*Additional 20% off on all Z Palettes*

IHF (Malaysia)

I do love their style. Really. 
A joyous Christmas collection featuring more woollen knits in pwetty detailing, 
Swallow print and leather-paneled peplum tops,
Boho type leather dresses, sweetheart cut-outs and formal lace bodycon, 
topped with a glamorous laced toga dress.
Prices as per normal

One needs dramatic eyes and lots of ethnic bangles to complete the look.  
Setting the standard in gold and silver lace brocade. ;) 
Perfect the Spartan goddess charm with this futuristic cut-out dress. 
Ultimately sexy with smooth exposed skin, 
Matched with a tulle skirt bottom for sure-fire damage.
RM 55

Gorgeously wild. 
Featuring a self-designed platform stiletto that will do justice to any LBD. 
From the vibrant Aztec/firework like print with a contrasting white covered toe panel, 
To the tassel-tied laced front, and pointy sharp heel. 
These are made for showing off.
RM 149

Also see at their blogspot

Seventeen Origins

Oh~ you can feel the warmth oozing from this collection.
Featuring a collection of coats and gilets, 
Pointy boots and cosy sweaters,
Packaged with moss green twinkle velvet skirts. 
Usual price range

A collection that's just as appetising! 
They've got everything covered with a whole lotta chic. ;)
Lots of knits and oversized pullovers for the stylishly laid-back, 
Uniquely printed bodycon skirts, denim jeggings, miniature cropped tops,
blouses and peplums.
Affordable price range

Possibly tougher to pull off in real life -- but paired with 'em circle and skater girl skirts, with closed toe pumps or ankle booties, and a neutral blouse looks promising!
Ombre stockings. *pukes rainbows* 
So pwetty. 
Ready stock pieces in many colours!
RM 25

And in the spirit of Christmas : snowflake stockings. RM 23 (Ready stock)

I Wear Sin

Pull out your brightest smile as you'll be shining all night. ;)
This is simply party perfect!
An exquisite tube dress given plenty of drama. 
Delicious-looking multi coloured sequins on the bodice, boned at the bust for added support and cinched at the waist. 
A cutesey oversized ribbon bow back and tutu skirt completes the icing on this cake. 
Sizes XS - L available.
RM 159
A classy piece suitable for those with a darker taste. Smokey eyes for that mysterious-sensual effect.
Slightly more sombre but no less attractive. 
Starry-like arrangement of sequins on a resplendent gold bodice, 
Curving beautifully at the waist and flows gently with a black chiffon duo-layered skirt. 
Stunningly elegant. 
RM 99

Feels good to touch. ;)
Shimmer the night away in this softly seductive velvet piece. 
Skater-girl cutting ending with a tutu mesh layer, 
Sprinkled pearls on the skirt; 
And matched with a gold toned belt. :)
RM 89
Bright red lips. 
Uber glamorous. 
Channel an ol' school Shanghai vixen in lace. 
Demure yet fitting cutting,
Tantalizing thigh-high front slit. ;)
Sizes S - XL available.
RM 109
Cocktails and Martinis

Very vivid. A stunner, for sure!
How could you not feel sexy in this. ;) 
Gorgeously concocted design -- both in its print and cutting.
Large and blooming roses in shades of blue-green or reds, 
Sweetheart neckline with exposed half-bust and cut-out back. 
Bodycon fit and length.
RM 59
Fab paired with basic black bodycon skirts and gold accessorizing for a classy and ladylike allure.
Don'tchu love how fashionable these peplum pieces are? ;) 
Dorothy Perkins inspired keyhole cutting and cap sleeves, 
Rara peplum layer for that extra flair with contrast sides. 
Delicate and jewel-toned shades for the base.
RM 59

Stunning with just a string of pearls and perhaps a diamante bracelet or watch. 
Classy this Christmas in a classic LBD.
Opulence personified with simple detailing and sheer mesh. 
Smooth and sexy --
It doesn't take much to look the part this season. ;)
RM 69
*recommended looksee in-store for more!*

Sleek and sexy. 
A futuristic deal to welcome the end-of-the-year. ;)
Loving the embellished top -- 
Intricate metal decoration on the neckline and bodice. 
Hidden shoulder padding for a slightly sharp look. 
RM 44 *glitter shorts going for RM 49*

Easy pairing with any pair of shorts or skinnies. 
Here's a new twist to dip-dyed tees. ;)
Given a delicious grunge edge with the acidic/bleached treatment. 
Casual sleeveless and straight-cut sizing, 
Buttons all the way down.
RM 54

Also see:

Chic Valley

Kate Moss inspired. all that sexy. 
Hawt stuff right 'ere. ;D 
Not-to-be missed leather paneled corset bustier. 
Structured in form with strategic mix leather panel detailing. 
Sizes 32 - 44 available. 
RM 55 inclusive of postage / *glitter shorts and waterprint prints also available in-store

Must wear with ankle boots, layered with chain-linked necklaces and a biker jacket. 
Chic punk in these cross-print leggings. 
Stylishly bold with plenty of laidback ease.
Highly stretchable and guaranteed of quality.
Sizes XS - L available.
RM 49 inclusive of postage.

Also see:

Quickie highlight: For the shorts lovers. ;)
Crochet denim with ripped edges / RM 59
Monochrome Aztec print / RM 49

50 shades of grey.
Oversized casual blouse. 
Completely sheer and decorated with itsy bitsy shadow like print. 
Given a moody grey-ombre effect.
Cuffed; gold buttons.
RM 59
Little Miss Q / Dazzling Couture
*sister sites*

You'll be ogling at the price tag! ;)
Something to treat yourself with for the end of the year.
See a vast collection of Korean / Zara-type pre-orders,
as well as 'em European-styled accessoires.
Prices as below

RM 31 / RM 9.90
RM 38 / RM 23 


Sweet and graceful with ballerina flats; or go for mile-long legs with sky high heels.
A serene combination that's beautiful for fall, 
Basic pleated spaghetti top -- uber versatile, 
And a soft autumn-leaf print skirt.
Other colours available for both pieces. 
RM 49 / RM 45

Recommended looksee at all these party dresses as well: Versace studded to side metal inserts, glamorous fishtail dresses and skimpy toga dresses.

Commi Style

Love how effortlessly stylish it's paired here with simple grey leggings and wedges. 
I seem to like the light-hearted side tonight! :) 
Here a pale blue denim shirt, 
Given a girlish edge with its prim white embroidered lace collar.
RM 52
Paired purrfectly with ankle booties here for a truly chic allure.
Sizzling up this Christmas! 
Peek-a-boo long sleeved sweater knit, 
Just the right size -- not too oversized unlike the ones we usually see. :)
And the sporty bodycon skirt with contrast stripe at the hem.
RM 45 / RM 40


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