Monday, January 28, 2013

Blissfully Beautiful

A noteworthy collection. 
Featuring starry-night diamante dresses, runway inspired floral-bloc mini dresses,
'em popular Aztec tube tops as well as itsy bitsy lace embroidered blouses. :)
An overarching demure and girly theme.
Prices range at RM 69 for dresses / Less than RM 50 for tops 

And more pretty items to feast your eyes on. :)
Affordable price range

*recommended to bookmark this blogshop. items run out fast!*

Vintage belt to tighten the waist, and wedges or heels for the illusion of mile long legs!
It's sweet, it's slightly ol' school --
Very much the girl next door. :) 
Think Zoey Deschanel (she's gorgeous!) in 500 Days of Summer.
Swing chiffon skirt adds carefree lightness to the button down top and folded cap sleeves.
RM 49

The classy peplum sleeveless blouse.
Miss Selfridge influenced cutting with the pleated neckline.
RM 45

Those embellished bib necklaces will go very well. ;)
Mild aztec flavour injected into this otherwise basic bodycon. 
Pale cream (or pink) given gold laser print Egyptian-like baroque prints.
Elegant and subtle.
Stretchable cotton and polyester mix. 
RM 41

Insanely pretty velvet. 
The perfect girl dress to wear for Valentines. 
Keep our eyes out for more!
Sold out :( 

Top notch beauty. 
Lavish opulence. 
Featuring a designer inspired avant-garde baroque print dress. 
Flirtatious bubble cut hemline adds a dash of cuteness whilst emphasizing an hourglass figure. ;)
Concealer back zipper and full inner lining.
Sizes S and M available. 
RM 99
Dress like a woman who gets what she wants; cocktail in hand. 
Reminiscent of Michael Kors elegant formality.
Sweetheart neckline and hugging short sleeves, 
Paneled lace decorating the lace and back, 
Ending with a demure length just above the knees. 
Sizes S and M available. RM  79 

Quickie highlight: Light blue denim jeggings / Sizes S - XL / RM 50

Quickie highlight: Textured snake skin waist belt; worn with block-coloured dinner dresses for an instant luxe upgrade / RM 25

Knit wear and daisy-lace shorts.

Lola Moto

Exclusively designed.
Lipstick-smacking tote.
RM 48

Above Basic

Flats from another world.
Ballet net flats / duo-toned candy pop/ and loafer spikes.
Prices start from RM 59.90

UD Closet

Your not-so-ordinary selection of items. :)
Lavish brocade, felt velvet, seductive mesh, 
sequins, embroidery. 
In unique patterns and cuts.
Usual price rage

Pre-order items.
Worth the check out :) Price-worthy!
Estimated date of arrival : 18-Feb.

Jewel-neckline cropped top / RM 45 ; Toga open sleeve cropped top / RM 55

Peplum tube dress with hi-lo hem / RM 65 ; Boy shirt + Monochrome striped shorts 

Embroidered denim shorts / RM 55 ; Tiger blouse / RM 55

The Swank Maison

Exquisite silk scarves. 
Oil painting series is especially delicate. :)
Makes for excellent gifts as well. 
RM 80 / Free shipping!

How to style: Hippie bandanna!

IHF Malaysia

Sinfully pretty clothes.
Still Lunar New Year-friendly with delicious looking ladylike lace --
From a magenta red dress to a white princess and sharp collared blouse. 
See also chic Dorothy Perkins-styled blouses with jewels and rivets,
As well as standard bustier tubes and swing chiffon skirts. 
Price range RM 60ish

Just as captivating. 
Dramatic opulence and controversial edge.
Reminisce the baroque period and Chanel quilts,
While savouring modern animal print bodycon skirts and furry mesh sweaters.
Price range from RM 60 onwards

Worth a peek in-store. :) 
The usual favourites in blooming floral pieces --
Whether appearing in peplum form or a sun-dress. 
See also all-basic stretchy tank dress in all colours of the rainbow!
Items running out fast

All you need is a discreet waist cincher, Swarovski earrings and stilettos. 
A classic you simply can't go wrong with. :)
Fully fit panel dress. 
Modest and elegant cutting ala this century's Audrey Hepburn.
Also in red.
RM 69
Perfect for a fresh Spring/Summer look with flowy white sheer blouses or sunny yellow. 
Bootiful floral shorts! ;)
Resting on the hips and standard hot-pants length,
Vivid roses in pretty shades on black canvas.
Thick cotton material.
RM 55

Exquisite elegance. 
If you're looking for something a lil' extraordinary -- 
Featuring a long-sleeved peplum top brimming with demi-couture vibes. 
Intricate wallpaper lace and and floral applique over the bust, 
Finished with a monochrome peplum flair layer. 
RM 50

The dress speaks for itself! Low key accessorizing and heels. Don't forget 'em pouty lips though. ;)
A very pretty piece whether for CNY or upcoming Valentine's Day. :)
Valentino inspired in gorgeous rosette applique detailing. 
Fitted high neckline bodice and ends with a slight poof to the mesh skirt. 
In berry red.
RM 79
omg. so cute. xD
RM 49 / sold out ; not sure if restockable

Some other items which are sold out / unsure if restockable:

Dress this itsy bitsy piece up this summer with swinging floral skirts for a girly finish. ;)
As we all know it --
The Topshop inspired denim bralet :)
Exposed zipper down front spices things up.
Cotton fabric with elastic back.
RM 49 *pants going for RM 59*

Rocked with bodycon skirts and a sultry attitude. 
A staple in any grunge princess's wardrobe. ;) 
Cloudy bleached denim jacket oozing with hard-rock style. 
'em studs by the shoulders are to kill for!
Slightly oversized. 
RM 98

Collecting moments. :)
It's like a whole treasure chest of long-lost memories and forgotten events. 
Fully embellished mini sling pouch --
With the crystal encrusted leopard as its focal point,
Surrounded by military badges and rivet studs.
Price unknown / email : for more info

And their usual update as follows:

East meets West. 
New age clutches! 
Utilizing laser-cut patterns with glimpses of gold foil. 
Textured oriental motifs and floral embossing. 
Oversized with detachable long handle. 
RM 60

Ol' school beauty.
Peplum top with a beautiful twist --
Packaged in gorgeous floral tapestry, with the mermaid peplum flair giving this a modern flavour. 
Structured with its hidden back zipper, sleeveless and V-neck styling. 
Sizes S and M available.
RM 59 *matching skirt going for the same price*

Also available: The fitted low-back tee :) / RM 39

Complete the look with a luxe animal print clutch and tribal bangles. 
Contrast pantsuit. 
Bold and undeniably modern with its geometrical design and tantalizing slim straps across the bodice.
Cool chiffon material. 
Hidden side zipper. 
RM 59

Ideally worn with a matching cincher; go for embellished or strappy heels. 
The non-maxi version of this chic dress. 
Particularly like the panel detailing on the neckline mixed with demure lace. 
Think mixed girly edge. 
Scrunched waistline and double-lined chiffon flair skirt.
RM 55

Also see many of these work-type dresses:

Complete with embellished/large bib necklaces - think plenty of rubies and stones - for a more youthful edge. 
From Miss Selfridge
A jolt of orange is treated to this otherwise grown-up ish dress. :) 
Elegant with its layers of sheer chiffon and mesh sleeves, 
Plunging V-neckline and at the back. 
Gold thin belt is inclusive of purchase. 
UK 8 / RM 139
Styling options are endless with this one. ;) Metal cuffs and futuristic clutches ftw.
Sweet and perky! 
Pleated toga ruffled neckline mini dress.
In bright mustard yellow.
H&M / UK 8.
RM 99

And speaking of which --
These Spartan-like toga goddess dresses are back in-store!
In pastel yellow or fire red.
RM 59

Sexylicious. ;)
Sheer rose panel down the middle for ultra cleavage exposure, 
Pleater skater girl skirt gives a flirtatious ending. 
Exposed back zipper.
RM 69

Keep everything else minimal - black pumps, sleek clutch. 
We're certainly getting fancy here. ;D 
Sparkle and shine during 'em long-lost-relatives-reunion-dinner in this glitzy peplum top. 
Structured pointed neckline and sleeveless styling,
Sequin body as seen above.
RM 55
Cue adorable big puffy sleeves! 
Casual blouse in lipstick red. 
Uber girly with the ruffles and airy material. :) 
RM 47
Every other dress : 
Let's do some cherry picking! A range of dresses from everywhere --
CNY friendly or otherwise :) 

RM 60 / RM 110

Wide range of linen cheongsams from RM 100


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