Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy pre-CNY, babes! :) 
I lurveee cheongsams. I'm the kind of person who'd buy one every year -- because you can't be wearing the same one every year right? 
Solution: Buy a cheap-ish one, which still looks good. :D
This year's purchase is from Colorful Pink Room. Super stretchy and cooling material. 
A practical version of a modern cheongsam for walking about. 
Went with blue/white florals since I already have red. Length wise not too short. 
Cheongsams are already sexy on their own, you don't need to wear 'em super short or show more skin than usual :) 

click for clearer view / PS. made very minor alterations for only RM 15 at ZA Altera.

Makeup wise, unfortunately couldn't capture it well. But basically --
Cat-lined eyes. Less smoky, more defined. 
Added bits of gold around the inner corners of the eye and bottom. 
And a good occasion wear coloured-eye contacts. :)
Finished with red lips. 

click for clearer view / also sunlight glare made the red look uneven.


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