Monday, February 25, 2013

Shoot to Please, Dress to Kill.

btw, Markets this weekend!

LOVE. these. 
Modern Cleopetra necklaces. 
I find the discreet-looking ones in plated silver and black jewels are easier to match with more outfit combinations. A good investment! 
RM 19 - RM 25

Statement necklaces for a glamorous night affair, or keep things light with sleek-looking accessories for tea. 
A playful classic. :)
Not-too-show-off-y sweetheart neckline for a slight show of innocent cleavage, 
Matched with a striking colour bottom skirt. 
Great for luncheons or dinner dates!
RM 69

Another peplum favourite exclusively manufactured by Su-Estilo. 
Itsy bitsy floral lace, 
Cute belted ribbon waist and luxurious peplum flair. :)
RM 59
*psst. on-going sale in store!*

Time to bring out 'em feathered long necklaces and embellished wedges.
Sexy and you know it! ;) 
Another feature of 'em side cut-outs exuding lady-of-the-night seduction. 
Mesh lace with exposure, 
Cap sleeve styling and asymmetrical hemline keeps things interesting.
RM 67 
One thing I love to do is toughen things up with a biker stud jacket. ;)
And this is simply all-pretty!
Dainty english roses for the girl-next-door. :) 
Regular babydoll cut and fit.
RM 63
Are you ready for the future? ;)
If you haven't seen this Google Glasses official promo, take a look!
Exciting stuff, really.

Did you also know that Google Glasses are having talks with eyewear designer, Warber Parker to make their glasses more stylish? ;) Report here.
So, Warber Parker is a pretty awesome eyewear designer brand. 
Hipsters and ordinary people alike would love their collection! 

Here's a generous article by their Fashion Coordinator, Kaki Read on how to make your glasses work for different looks. ;)

Shoot to Please, Dress to Kill

Are you someone who has always been a little nervous about the clothes that you wear? So many women end up feeling worried to the point of nausea when they need to look great. In all honesty, however, you'll find that a small amount of preparation is going to make a huge difference to the impression you make. When you are ready to shine, check out these three looks for three fantastic occasions, which showcase some clothing and eyeglasses pairings!

1) Museum Visit (think art galleries, Publika, artsy-places)

Whether you are going to the museum to spend your Sunday afternoons or maybe heading there for a lovely date, you'll find that a museum is the place for classic styles with a modern touch. Take a moment to think about pairing a lovely bohemian dress with a wool cloche hat. Make sure that you choose sleek black stockings to smooth out the look, but keep your shoes on the clunky side for an adorably sweet look. Try adding a pair of sleek and sophisticated glasses such as the Finn frames in revolver black. Also, remember that your shoes should be comfortable; there's going to be a lot of walking.

Outfit pairing:
If you've got a beanie, that'd be awesome! Otherwise you could skip it -- might be hot.
Mullet styled casual black dress /
Braided waist belt / 
Slightly serious-y but with a chic edge thanks to the mullet hem. 
Intellectual enough for Banksy, Picasso and philosophical discussions? ;p

Might want to add glass stockings and Mary Jane pumps for a sleeker look. 

Click above pics for clearer view:
With nerdy glasses, gotta pay more attention to eye-makeup! Kohl eyeliner is alot heavier than I usually use (line both the upper and bottom eyelid), darkened the edges with black eyeshadow, tinted gold on the inner conners of the eyes to make 'em pop. (psst: I cheated bigger eyes with contact lenses)
Pink tinted lips for a sweeter finish. 
Accessories (apologies for the harsh sunlight glare) : Weaved long belt ; textured leather cuff; vintage watch; John Carter steel heart shield pendant. 

2) Thrift Store Thrills

Sometimes you just look at the antiques, and sometimes you bring them home with you! If you are headed out for a day of thrift store shopping and antiquing, you'll find that there are a number of important things to keep in mind. For example, consider the fact that you will be walking around in dusty conditions. Choose your favorite pair of jeans and a sturdy pair of boots, but on top of that, make sure that you think about topping it off with a thin T-shirt and a trendy sleek-cut leather jacket. Every thrifter needs a keen eye, and what better way to protect those eyes than with a pair of Percey frames in striped sassafras! This look allows you to layer for all weather while looking your best.

In other words: I'd name this the Manhattan downtown chic. ;) 
Think underworld casual glamour with that funky hipster edge. Here's an easy outfit pairing: 

Uniqlo funky coloured skinny jeans / RM 49.90
H&M statement white tank / RM 50-ish
Topshop biker jacket / RM 200-ish
And the Warby Parker Percey Striped Sassafras

3) First Date

When you are dressing for your first date with someone that you find utterly perfect, it is important to send the right message. Think about what you want to have happen on your first date, and also consider how you can get the right look. For example, if you want to come across as feminine and accessible, why not think about a rather neutral skirt and blouse set while adding very bright accessories like a pair of funky and fun glasses such as the Clyde frames in striped chestnut? A white blouse and a gray skirt do very well when paired with vivid red shoes, a red fascinator and a red purse!

The demure first-time. ;)
Be the modern-day princess/ballerina and exude an ultimate girly-girl vibe. 
Chic glasses add a cheeky undertone. 

Topshop sheer Peter Pan collar blouse / RM 150ish skater girl skirt / [any type of skater skirt will do, really :)]
Accessorize ballet flats with gold tip
And the Warby Parker Clyde frames in Striped Chestnut

Click for clearer view of the glasses: 

Hope you enjoyed the post! 
Dressing well will always put you at the top of your game when you are considering what your needs are. Choose your clothes carefully for maximum effect.


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