Thursday, March 14, 2013


A quick LOOK for this week: 
I officially love skater girl skirts (sorry, a lil' late on the bandwagon),
But coming from a person who doesn't usually wear mini skirts, this is an awesome alternative!
Here of thick textured material from Seventeen Origins.
Matched with a low-back striped top from H&M and Simon Carter necklace. 

Simple and nautical-chic playing with black and white and a pop of colour. :)

Simon Carter heart shield necklace; and matched with bright orange flats.

*storewide 20% sale!
All items inclusive postage but before reduced price*

Boy London cropped top and jumper / RM 60 and RM 95 respectively

Topshop MOTO highwaist acid wash shorts / UK 6 / RM 100
Topshop mystic snake print shorts / UK 6 / RM 100

Captive in these new pieces from Goss:ps! 
Stunning tapestry bodycon skirt is the highlight of the collection at only RM 49.
Notable items also include halter cropped tops, lady-of-the-night bustiers, cosy knit sweaters, plenty of exposed back drama pieces, and peplum flair. ;)
Recommended lookee in-store for more. 


The online marketplace showcasing Singapore blogshops are back! 
If you've been eyeing some SG pieces, now's the time to act. ;)
Postage free to Malaysia.

Floral bomber jacket / RM 65 
Skull tee / RM 50 ; Both from Hungover Sundays.

Floral sunny playsuit / RM 56
Bandage lace Taylor dress / RM 76 ; Both from RedVelvet.

Heart-shaped pan / RM 17.50
LINC bracelet / RM 17.50 ; Both from Fly By Night.

Cut-in bodycon dress with embellished neckline / RM 72
Doll House dress in white / RM 72.50 ; Both from Momoteapots


Quickie highlight: Long maxi skirt in the sweetest of light chiffon shades / RM 55 ; Embroidered spaghetti top / RM 55
Commi Style

Looking in place in hipsterville. 
Here's all you need to perfect a chilling-boho look. :)
Casual tee in sprinkled studs: sunny gold shades or cool-blue hues available. 
And a cotton maxi with high-slit. RM 36 - RM 49

Lovely dinner pieces for a demure entrance. Looking swell with gold or silver metal accessorizing. 
In-season brocade prints. 
High neck and sleeveless styled, stretchable at the waist (best hidden with a slim belt) and secure mid-thigh length.
Hidden back zipper ; Two designs as above.
RM 48 (long sleeved Victorian version also available)

An edgy piece to contrast with a girly dress / RM 28


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