Monday, March 11, 2013

The Closette

Layer on those bangles and glittery heels or embellished clutch for added glitz and glamour.
A simple dressy tube dress that flatters in all the right places. ;) 
Ample cleavage hint with the boob tube cutting,
Fitted till the waist and flares our oh-so-slightly. 
Quality thick cotton material.
RM 49
Ladylike with closed-toe pumps. 
Both items above up for grabs: 
Reindeer print sleeveless self-tie top / RM 55
Airy layered chiffon skirt / RM 55
IHF Malaysia

Awesome stuff as usual. :D
Of note -- cross-emblem sweater and star-studded shorts,
Leather insert denim shirt, slinky off-shoulder blouses and self-manufactured sleeveless peplum blouses. With a healthy dose of knit material.
Price range as per usual


Purrfectly dressed with a bright pop of colour here. ;)
Pussycat cropped top :D 
Priceless clueless expression on patterned wallpaper-like material.
Fits XS - S.
RM 45
Red carpet worthy.
Gorgeous grecian LBD.
Flattering tucked neckline, babydoll cutting with an embellished rhinestone layer below the bust,
Swishy soft pleat skirt. :)
Teardrop exposed back.
RM 90
Seventeen Origins

March new arrivals. 
Chic sweaters for cosy-ing up sessions,
Skater girl skirts in shocking red and ankle booties and wedges,
Basically all the good stuff from Autumn inspired fashion. ;)
Pre-order and Ready stock

Purple is pretty. :)
[And on a more random note, I dreamt I had purple hair.]
RM 30

Double dosage edge. 
We're underground rockstars in the making. ;_
For the misunderstood, tough, and independent rebels. 
RM 30 above


Slightly less than demure.
Beautiful jewels for the raw edge princess. ;)
Underworld glamour with plenty more bite from the usual bib necklaces we have. 
Spikes, crystals, metal and chains. 
RM 24 - RM 42

Much more versatile and modern with its sleek gold and silver plating.
For the more simplistic but no less chic -- 
Dog collar metal necklace and protective armour arm cuff.
RM 15 / RM 10

Teal enamel and diamante teardrop earrings to add a touch of sparkle.
Never underestimate the usage of accessories! 
It's the completion to an overall look, regardless of your style. :) 
Here a choice of pretty teardrop rainbow earrings,
Or freestyle metal bangles.
RM 14 - RM 18

I've seen random people wearing these tees -- always thought they were awesome!
And now you know where to get 'em. ;)
(List of offline stores here)
Geeky periodic table inspired tees made cool with the treatment of metallic shades and funky attitude statements. Also the pillow dolls are real cute :D
RM 45 / Baby Tee and Slim Fit tees available. 

A girl's gotta take matters into her own hands. This screams authority. ;) 
An inspired Alexander McQueen satchel. 
Beautiful in a laidback and slouchy form, oozing downtown chic. 
All the right zips, buckles and oversized front flap --
Giving rise to an ode of coolness for the privileged few. 
Non-restockable / RM 69

The charm of the 50's resurrected. 
So pwetty!
The wonders of lace :) 
Unfortunately this is sold out. 

A basic black playsuit sporting one terrific cutting. 
Cap sleeves with a generous scooped neckline to flatter the bust, 
Low-back cutting and comfy looking shorts. :)
Rainbow belt is model's own -- but superbly easy to style according to your mood, be it embellished tiger head cinchers or slim belts. 
Currently reserved

Nanda inspired white tee. 
Mesh sleeves and back for you to play around with neon inserts. ;)
The ultimate summer apparel.
Also available in black / Soft cotton material. 
RM 49

Also see:

Cherry red lips, a fresh face and loafer flats for casual afternoon-tea. 
Welcome the tapestry resurgence. ;) 
Fashioned out of a love for vintage and a sassy attitude. 
Bodycon skirt and mini in length.
Thick cotton embroidery material with inner lining.
RM 59
Loving the details. 
A little glitter and a little gold. ;) 
Captivating skater girl dress in symmetrical geometric prints. 
High points for it's demure cutting and not-too-short length.
Also available in white. 
RM 79

Exquisite knit top. 
Knitted at the edges -- from the collar, hem, and sleeves, 
Peek-a-boo throughout with multiple zig zag, net, and dotted treatment. 
A mish-mash of differing patterns that look awesome combined!
In beige and violet.
RM 69

Also see:

*do see in-store for palazzo pants as well*

Quickie highlight: Hot-stuff : Sheer embroidered cover-up / RM 45 (also in black) 

Sweetheart cropped tops. 
Flattering neckline and cute prints : coloured candy cane stripes and light gingham. 
Vintage inspired back with double buttons.
RM 45

And some funky bags:

Funky runway inspired telephone box print dress.
RM 49

Armoury and steel accessories to go with this futuristic frock. 
Working the monochrome to sexy heights. ;) 
Bandeau hourglass tube dress featuring a slightly dipped back hem.
Body sculpting with the black and white optical illusion,
Exposed metallic zip at the back.
UK 8 / RM 129
*beauty products available in-store as well*

Whether it's skinnies, shorts, or bodycons -- this top is worth the investment. ;)
Versatile one off-shoulder casual top. 
With braided sleeves. 
RM 53 *skirt going for RM 63*

One of those dresses that speaks for itself. Minimal accessorizing and high heels. 
This styling is certainly no stranger to us --
Detailed lace over the bodice and neckline,
Here in a tunic version instead of bodycon :) 
Also in white.
RM 53

Suitable for both work and play.
Another variant of the well-loved skater girl dress. 
Here sleeveless and features a teardrop front slit, 
Cutting as per usual -- fitted bodice and slightly flared skirt with single pleat. 
Also in electric blue and red. Sizes S - L available. 
RM 71 *belt is inclusive of purchase*

Also see:

Quickie highlight: In-house manufactured fallen vine peplum dress / Sizes XS onwards available / 
RM 79

Quickie highlight: Spiked caps / RM 49 inclusive postage


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