Monday, March 25, 2013

New blogshop with plenty of offerings. 
Stroll around the city in a mini playsuit featuring gorgeous watercolour print and definitive form, whilst your feet look pretty in elegant lace espadrilles with authentic beige braiding; 
Party the night away in a slinky LBD featuring detailed cage peek-a-boo cut-outs,
And a floral chiffon bomber jacket paired with sexy knit, black skinnies and ankle booties. 
Price ranges from affordable - RM 200 

NEWSBOY CAPS! Super cute. 

Don't usually feature pre-orders -- but these look nice. 
Stylenanda inspired.
Afforadable price range

One of a kind Aztec cropped tops.
Sleeveless in design, and fierce patterned prints in Tetris-like blocks.
Bits of bright orange and blue hints of a creative mind.
Printed on cotton fabric. 
RM 38 only

Heavy duty multi-toned rucksack. 
I love the sombre tones used for a darker feel -- 
Strips of leather for bondage appeal.
Thick canvas material. 
RM 45

Cute stuff at very affordable prices!
Definitely recommended check out in-store :) 
Sexy cropped toga tops, all-time fave Aztec and ditzy daisy shorts, 
Kesha inspired psychedelic tanks and innocent laidback print sweaters. 
Price range RM 35 - below RM 50

A stunning collection of little dresses and crazy print leggings.
Ruby red velvet textures and colourful jewels,
A hint of sparkle and shine contrasted with navy blue peace print leggings,
Houndstooth, stripes, and denim blouses!
Price range as per usual

A regular patron at Markets, you should be familiar with them :D
New collection of binders are especially awesome!
I mean really, moustache printed. 
RM 35

She's branched out to canvas loafer sneakers!
I don't do sneakers usually. But I'd wear these. ;) 
Funky stuff.
RM 119 / design done by hand using fabric ink

Indulge in good-looking accessories. 
RM 30 onwards

Remember the tale of Blackbeard?
Often marketed as the symbol of freedom,
These large key necklaces are just as pretty as they are meaningful :)
Heartshaped in tarnished bronze,
Long chain links.
RM 16

Awesome stuff. Affordable price range.
'nuff said. 

Instant entry to concert festivals and street bazaars.
A feast of one-of-a-kind printed skirts! 
Environmentalist hippie with the all-over monochrome print symbol, 
Retro casette tapes carefully aligned, 
And who wouldn't take a sip out of Campbell's soup? ;)
RM 50

Quickie highlight: For Boy London fans. Pre-orders.

Channel modern business-savvy elegance with black skinny trousers and closed toe loafer pumps.
A sultry combination of ivy-lace and origami peplum pleats. 
Killer cutting with the high neckline and cap sleeve shoulders,
Hugs the body and closes with a hidden back zipper. 
Meticulous detailing work! :)
RM 89
Armed with 'em heavy embellished necklaces and a petite clutch will seal your greatness.
For those who like it backless. ;)
Sinfully sexy angel-wing back and demure princess pleat skirt. 
Gathers at the shoulders and a regular round neckline.
Only in red.
RM 75

Cheers to looking like a modern day Egyptian princess. 
A dark elegant twist with this Aztec skirt.
Heavily embellished with a myraid of materials from sequins, beads and gauze-like embroidery.
Part-way exposed back zipper ala the Topshop type bodycon skirts. 
Sizes S and M available. 
RM 90
Sleek and versatile -- easily paired with blackmilk-type leggings or casual shorts.
Arrow stud tunic sleeveless top. 
Sharply cut extended back hem for a stylish edge. 
Only in white. 
RM 55

Stand out of the crowd in a fiery sunset red shade. 
Personally seen these worn on random people on the streets,
And it looks amazing! 
Very much curve enhancing with the tapestry print that boosts the bust and hips whilst slimming down the waist. ;)
Cut-in shoulders and a bodycon fit flaunts the rest. 
RM 52
Gold heels and a slim gold belt for a glamorous effect.
Opt for a stylish looking playsuit that's red carpet worthy. ;)
Trapeze neckline with generous pleats along the bodice and peplum layer, 
A tie-back sash and hidden back zipper keeps wrap at optimum. 
Fun and flirty the mischievous. 
RM 49 

Mary Jane pumps with lace socks for an uber quirky finishing.
A dash of cuteness, and a sprinkle of class. 
Tantalizingly sheer material with textured polka dots all-over, 
Diamond embellished collar makes this dinner-function-friendly,
Short and sassy in length.
RM 48

Also updated with regular chiffon blouses:

Quickie highlight: Bart Simpson semi-highwaist shorts. :D / Pre-order / RM 49

*more price slash in-store!*

Quickie highlight: Have always had my eye on this gypsy overcoat / RM 75 inclusive postage

The usual girly stuff: High heels, and most likely a necklace to give more dimension to the otherwise plain front. 
A key feature is definitely the backless V-back. :) 
Furnished with a ribbon shape with soft slouchy pleats over the shoulders, 
Demure front and slight skirt flair.
An unusual piece for those who want something a lil' more original. ;)
RM 69

Itsy bitsy bikinis at RM 69 onwards:

More bikinis for the beach babes!
RM 35 / RM 60 onwards

Quickie highlight: Creamy leather textured bucket studded sling / RM 49

Irresistible kuitness. 
OK, the palette design is super cute.
But I guess what else could we expect from Stylenanda. ;)
Introducing the Ice Cream Kit -- in mint caramel or pink biscuit. 
Consists of face blush, highlighter, eyeshadow and lip crayon.
Imported from Korea / Price unstated
UD Closet

Beautiful clothes for beautiful people. 
The usual bucketful of goodies from UD Closet! 
Of note, identical Topshop mirror cheetah cropped top, a twist to the usual skater girl skirts in denim, summer-fun floral bustier, Dorothy Perkins inspired lace blouse, 
More skirts and sexy cutouts!
Price range as per usual

Mini update compared to their usual ones.
Items of note (which are almost all):
Demure swallow print tunic dress, lace bustier and circle skirt, 
Tapestry bodycon dress or an alluring backless dress. ;)
Price range as per usual

An electrifying collection with plenty of funk. ;) 
COMME DES FCKS DOWN inspired pieces and utilitarian parkas, 
Sweaters and embroidered denim bf shirts ala cowboy style,
Itsy bitsy polka bustiers and aztec tube tops to skimp around. 
be warned: many items sold out already :(

Even better paired with 'em high sneakers and leather cuffs around the wrists. 
For the fiery at heart. 
Wild cheetah print laidback shirt, 
Stonewashed jeggings with knee cuts. 
RM 46 / RM 48
Large jewel rings and a structured clutch will complement the do. 
Bringing in the sport luxe season!
Clean lines and sharp geometrics, 
Duo toned between charcoal grey and black gives a sombre contrast. ;)
Creatively paired with a psychedelic neon skater girl skirt.
RM 58 / RM 54

Cat heads! 
ILLUMINATI. ok, you know I'm kidding. 
But nevertheless -- what the mainstream would term "hipster" gear. 
Normal length cap regular cotton tee, 
Funky graphic print as seen above
RM 49 *bodycon skirt along with other designs also for RM 49*

the combat baby. 
And along the same vein -- camouflage pants! 
Studded pockets, and high waisted. ;)
Jeggings material. 
RM 65

Get into the mood with bits of neon cuffs on the wrists and basic flats.
Cheeky and you know it. ;)
Flirtatious sleeveless mini dress with a graphic wink face. 
Pure pink lips makes a funky contrast.
Also available in black. 
RM 48 
One of those must-have versatile pieces if you don't already. :)
Casually striped tee. 
Lightly stud embellished. 
RM 35

A discreet pendant necklace usually goes well with these type of dinner dresses. 
Terribly tempting. ;)
If you're a Dorothy Perkins fan -- this would definitely be your pick!
Modest, classy, elegant ;
And best part for some of us, fits petites. :) 
The origami peplum layer is identical to a Miss Selfridge design as well.
RM 69

Just as stunning albeit slightly more dressy --
The flattering one-shoulder grecian frock. :) 
Gathers at the shoulder and soft pleated skirt, 
Available in a darling shade of wine red and midnight black.
RM 55

Occasionally, less is more. 
Sometimes we think we have more than enough skater girl dresses, 
Then comes along the sweetest, girliest piece like this and I'm thinking twice! 
Uber feminine with the high neck, elbow sleeves, and reaching the knee length. 
Dual layered with chiffon lining and lace outer.
In a retro shade of light caramel.
RM 57

Or for something a lil' more original -- 
Opt for a standard babydoll dress but given a geometrical wavy lace treatment. ;)
Modern take on lace whilst giving a softer edge to usually clean geometric shapes. 
V-neck and pleated skirt.
High quality viscose fabric. 
RM 59

From ladylike to vintage quintessential. 
Skirts to show off 'em mile long legs. 
A delicate construction of interweb lace over a white mini, 
Or the tapestry paisley print A-line skirt. :)
RM 33 / RM 44

Slightly androgynous with a too-cool-for-you edge. 
Featuring a playsuit sporting contrast Peter Pan collar and loose-fit shorts. 
Bundled at the waist and adjoined to a relaxed sheer blouse,
Sprinkled with embellished rhinestone daisies. 
RM 55

Also see these futuristic necklaces at RM 25: 

Quickie highlight: Simply flattering flowy maxi dresses in summer block colours / RM 50 inclusive postage


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