Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More from these bunch after an awesome first collection. ;)
Stay tuned for more.
Affordable price range

Exceedingly cool. 
Don't you love handmade stuff? :D
Hardcover plain page notebooks in exclusive abstract looking designs. 
Coldplay FTW as per design below. 
Also environmentally friendly shopping bags in all the alphabets! 
Sneakily pick a letter - just so others can ask which guy is on your mind ;) 
RM 30 / RM 34

Stylenanda inspired stuff. 
Strutting down the streets in highwaist printed pants - 
In a flurry of bite-sized stars or resort blue stripes. 
Uber cute denim embroidered shorts as well. 
Pre order / RM 45 - RM 55

Ready stock of these goth beauties. ;)
Mesh suspender tights in the following designs: 
Lace, single-lined, peeking-pussy-cat, and cross skull print.
Grab your favourite tank dress or highwaist shorts and trusty ankle boots!
Cat-lined eyes fill in the rest. 
RM 23

Another round of updates from Hutz Fashion!
A focus on girly printed dresses and demure blouses, 
Lace and embroidery completes the chic-boho edge. 
Pics below. 
Affordable price range

*no longer based in Msia - postage higher rate*

Styled to perfection with braided wedges or simplified flats, a garland of daisies over the crown of your head; finished with a Cambridge Satchel over the shoulder. 
Uber gorgeous lace pieces for the boho-chic! 
Transculent with hints of peek-a-boo flesh, 
Yet absolutely feminine and demure with the lace and oriental detailing as seen above. :)
One size fits most. 
RM 70 only

A darker meaner version. 
Bart Simpson gone edgy this time. 
In ash grey background with contrasting black round collar and cuffs, 
Bart's yellow head floating about. :D
RM 49 only *cross print skinny pants going for RM 69*

Statement tees available: Chocolate * Cigarettes; Geek Chic - 

Some new stuff from Luccacal :)
Not more than RM 25

Quickie highlight: NEON SOCKS!  RM 12

Quickie highlight: One of those sinfully sweet yet simple weekend dresses :) Top half flattering black tank; bottom half pleated chiffon skirt with underlining. / RM 89

Geometric shapes and mirror animal print designs; 
Designer inspired stuff.
Price range on the pricier side. 

The usual random high street fashion update! 
And some Topshop and Zara items.
Price range as per usual

As always, a must-have for cold cinemas and dreary office cubicles. 
Look at all these itsy bitsy cardigans! 
Available in a host of rainbow colours,
Made from comfy wool acrylic blend. :)
Zara overrun. 
RM 59

Party people, live it up. ;D
A selection of hawt mini dresses and starburst galaxy skirts to tantalize the eyes. 
Cut-outs are especially teasing! 
RM 53 onwards

Night time glamour. Cue the high heels and sky-high confidence. 
Electrifying mini shift dresses. 
Stun your audience with a selection of fine print and flattering cuts. ;) 
From psychedelic geometry, to festival wave and subtle aztec --
You'll be in for quite a treat. 
Some of which have sold out 

Skater girl dresses aren't forgotten either! 
Simple yet sweet in demure lace or mixed patterns. 
More available in-store. 
RM 70 / RM 75

I do love prints :) the more intricate the better!
Speaking of printed dresses -- 
Here's one in abstract graphics : Looking like an intergalactic battle. 
Dark purple and black as main hues. 
RM 64
It's a freaking lifestyle. 
Major funky! 
Blackmilk inspired skull bone leggings.
RM 38 only. 
*RSVP for their one-year anniversary here!*

The Aztec tube top. 
Bandeau designed bust for optimum flattery, 
Longer in length for a more casual feel. 
RM 49

A couple of noteworthy items:
All-time favourite lace dresses and Topshop inspired sunflower waist, 
Michael Kors laced waist and slit-toga blouse. 
As per usual - items run out fast!
RM 45 - RM 70

You know the drill.
Pretty stuff up for grabs! 
Some lovely lace blouses and LBD's in particular -- and several overalls as well.
Who's up for trying overalls without looking like a red neck. ;)
Price range as per usual

Black framed glasses seal the deal. 
It's uptown classy. 
Pairing black and white to sultry effect. ;) 
GEEK shirt and jailbird striped mini poof skirt.
Topped with suede Mary Janes or ankle boots for a more casual appeal. 
RM 38 / RM 49

These highwaist jeggings are back to conquer the legs. ;)
Endlessly versatile and available in a host of colours. 
Seamless and stretchy.
RM 22

Also see: Funky resort wear and pops of colour!

Absolutely vixen-like with a shot of red lips.
Gorgeous. ;) 
Angelina Jolie stunning with the alluring thigh-high slit and slip-me-down shoulders.
Overall tight fit to ensure plenty of curves.
Polyester mix material; only in black.
RM 69

Great looking bodycon dresses in-store!
Exude urban chic with a play on monochrome strips or quirky in mesh and snowflake prints, 
Length looks just about right --
Comfortable enough to be worn during daytime dates. :)
RM 59 / RM 69

Also see:

Think plenty of punk rock-Paramore goodness. 
Cultivating a stealth dose of boldness. ;) 
Accessories imported from Korea -- 
All that bling given a ferocious edge : skull and panther pendants. 
Gold plated.
RM 34

Also the Alexander McQueen inspired clutches are back! / RM 85


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