Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Who needs to refresh their makeup sets? 
A decadent selection from the following brands: Coastal Scents, Sigma Beauty, Z Palette and Sleek Makeup. 
Awesome stuff ranging from the popular 88-Palette from CS, lots of uber cute brushes to play with, and handy magnetic palettes from ZP. ;) 
What's best -- 20% STOREWIDE SALE! (till end April)
(Purchase over RM 150 for free postage)

LOOK of the week: 
So I couldn't resist buying another one of 'em newboy caps :D
(from Fabspy)
Teeny tiny horse prints make this super cute! And since it's black, more versatile than the floral piece. 
Funky ape tee from LoyarBarang. denim highwaist shorts. and vintage sling. 

Clearer view of the newsboy cap; total overexposure from the very bright sunlight - the wonders it does to making your chin look so pointy. Friend commented the cap makes me look pretentious though.  


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